Top 10 Man Made Ancient Wonders of the World

Man always wants to do something creative against all odds and this imagination can be seen in all of his art works that he created many centuries back. The wonderful thing is that he was able to show his creativity at times when there were no facilities, tools or any type of amenities with which he could achieve his target. Yet he made wonderful structures and monuments that are not possible even today to think of. The mentioned monuments, temples and structures tell us about man’s desire to prove his strengths in various ways.

10. Teotihuacan

Once known as the largest city in pre-Colombian America and the archeological site Teotihuacan is located in Mexico. It is best known for its giant pyramidal structures. It spread up to 83 sq km. This place is mainly famous for its colorful and beautiful paintings. The place is also popular for the Avenue of the Dead which means huge inhabited complex.