Top 10 Longest Tunnels of the World

Since ancient times, man’s desire to achieve the ultimate has not come to an end. His journey to achieve the impossible still continues. Man has used his imagination in digging tunnels or building beautiful monuments that not only describe his mental strength but also his power to attain the otherwise unattainable. At the earlier stages he dug tunnels to access underground quarries, tombs or to bring rock water to the ground. Romans had become expert in building long tunnels with the help of slaves. These days, tunnels are being built to make transportation easier between places that are otherwise inaccessible.

10.Gudvangen, Norway

Gudvanga Tunnel, also known as Gudvangentunnelen or Gudvangatunnele in Norwegian language, is located in Aurland. The Gudvanga tunnel connects Undredalen valley with the village Gudvangen. The length of the tunnel is 7.1 miles and it was completed in 1991.