Top 10 Actors Who Played Most Memorable Anti-Hero Characters

Being qualified as an anti hero in movie, the character must be a protagonist. Although their acts can be considered as unlawful, these characters are still considered as honorable in some level. These are ten actors who played memorable anti-hero characters in movies:

10. Brandon Lee (Eric Draven in Crow)

Eric Draven is a rock musician who is resurrected by a magical crow and hunts his murderers. Draven was killed by local thugs, while Sarah, his fiancée, was beaten and raped. Those who are resurrected by the bird are incapable of experiencing pain, since they are already dead. With superhuman cat-like agility and reflex, Draven hunts down and eliminates his targets. In addition, the ability to shoot with great accuracy and observe places through the crow’s eyes, aid him greatly in his vengeful quest.

During the filming, Brandon was mortally wounded by a dummy bullet propelled by blank cartridges from a prop gun.