Tools To Make You A Better and Faster Writer

Becoming a better and faster writer does not mean learning how to rush. Being a faster writer is not a bad thing. The quicker you type then the quicker you can get your thoughts into words so that you do not miss any thoughts when they arrive. Just because you are writing fast does not mean you are rushing. If anything, you are just keeping up with the thought processes in your brain.

A Word Processor and Keyboard

These two are obvious insertions in the list, but they had to be mentioned because they are essential if you want to become a professional writer. The fastest way to type is to touch-type with a keyboard. There are no faster ways that are effective enough at the moment (at least until voice-to-text technology improves.

Lessons to Become a Better Writer

Follow the link given and you are taken a page with fifty posts. They call themselves tools, but they are actually blog posts created to help you become a better writer. They are there to help you do things such as speed up the pace of your text or show you how to mention the traits of a character you are writing.


It is a shame that you have to download this tool because it would otherwise be a great tool. At the time of writing, it was virus and malware free, but always check to be sure. The tool allows you to create a working environment that is more customized so you can work as you please. You can do things such as set the page length, customize graphs, time your writing, check your spelling and add notes into the text for later use. It helps you create a place where distractions are not a problem and where the confines of your usual word processor are a little looser. You can do partial counts, auto save, and even have typing sound effects so it feels as if you are typing on a typewriter. Actually, the sounds may help remind you of just how fast you are typing.

White Room for MAC

This tool will remove distractions from your screen so that you may write a little more quickly. There are some people that are very distracted by very small things. This program temporarily removes distractions and gives you a distraction free work area so that you may concentrate on your writing and nothing else. You can use your whole screen without worrying about being distracted.

Writing House

This is a tool that will help you improve the quality of your referencing. It helps to keep your referring consistent by creating your bibliography pieces for you. It works to create entries such as APA, MLA, Harvard and Chicago. With this tool, you may also save a lot of time.

Focus Writer

This tool helps you to concentrate on your text only so that you are not distracted and therefore are able to write at a faster speed. It is similar to White Room listed above. It seems really dumb, but you can create work areas and have fancy backgrounds and in the middle lies your work. They even have a screenshot showing a black background and the writing all in green. It looks fun but also has merit as a tool to help stop you being distracted by the other things on your desktop.

Write Monkey

Do check your downloads before you accept them and install them, as a hacker may gain access to any of these tools tomorrow and you cannot be too careful. This tool speeds up your writing by giving you more keyboard shortcuts. The original design was to make it so you could create a piece of text without having to click the mouse. That is true of the program’s functions as of this date, and they have added a few more shortcut functions so that you may speed up your writing even further. It is a clever idea that they have managed to pull off rather well. There is a chance you may find this tool very useful when you have the hang of it.


This is a tool that works for the MAC, PC and iPad. It gives you a working environment that you can use to write your text a little faster than you may do normally. It is a distraction free work area that is set up to make the user a little more focused, and allow the user to write a little more quickly.