Too Beautiful For Words: TOP Beautiful Hotels Of Italy

Italy is one of the most admirable European countries. It is colorful and atmospheric. This is the center of fashion, gastronomy and culture. Tourists from all over the world come to get comfortable rest of different formats. Of course, you may stay in one of many beautiful hotels of Italy.

Portrait Firenze, Florence

Portrait Firenze is considered to be the hotel of the best panoramic view to Florence and Arno River. The panoramic view and interesting location is not the only one hotel advantage. Portrait Firenze does not look like the Middle Age castle with special decoration. The suits are stylish, decorated with black-and-white pictures and modern equipment. The hotel is included in Lungarno Collection – the guests are offered to visit Ferragamo museum for free and get a big sale to buy something of this brand.

The hotel atmosphere is plain but comfortable. The hotel is usually characterized as elegant, warm and aesthetic place. There is a club lounge downstairs, where beau monde public gathers together for cocktail. It is difficult to find something more impressive and comfortable top meet culture and shopping.

Bulgari Hotel Milano, Milan

The most fashionable hotel of the most fashionable Italian city is boutique hotel Bulgari. This is really exclusive place. It is perfect in every small detail, including lights, soft towels, legendary breakfast that is the best in Milan. You have milk porridge with berries, canonic benedict eggs, home pastry, aromatic coffee for breakfast.

The design of suits and hotel lobby is a source of special pride. It is beautiful. What is more, Bulgari Hotel is a real interior masterpiece. Its hallmark is magnificent views and botanic garden. This atmospheric and quiet place is situated in the very city center, not far from La Scala. You are also offered to use SPA decorated in emerald green. The level of service is high. What about everyday compliments to all guests in form of organic tea and cookies? It is inspirable.

Hassler Roma, Rome

If you think that Hassler is the most famous hotel of Rome, you are right. It is situated on the very top of great Piazza di Spagna – the main city interest. Of course, the city view is admirable! You can see Rome in full view. The hotel location is more than comfortable: it is situated maximally close to the main city boutiques. By the way, the wardrobes are done in form of mini-wardrobe room. Romantic people like Hassler for admirable panoramic view, shopping lovers for big wardrobe, gourmands for popular restaurant Imago, awarded with Michelin star.

It is unbelievable but prominent travel critics from all over the world affirm that Hassler Roma is one of the city interests. This hotel is perfect. The five stars of the hotel make it legendary place.

Hotel Romeo, Napoli

The most beautiful hotel of Napoli is done in high-tech style. It is not a usual design for Italy. Nevertheless, design project is impressive. This is a real masterpiece created by Kenzo Tange & Associates – cold minimalism with glass and mirrors, design furniture, Caprai textile and Tramontano leather. The stylish rooms are not the top of a hill. The impressive bar Beluga is situated in the 10th floor: it is often used as the best view point for program excursions. You can eat your breakfast here or have a cocktail party at night. There is one more special proud – luxury restaurant Il Comandante and sushi bar.

There is a cigar room and lounge for different games. There is a big SPA center Dogana del Sale which is 1000 square meters. You may use Jacuzzi, sauna, sensor showers, playground for kids, three swimming pools. You are also pleased to use concierge service.

Forte Village Resort, Sardinia

Forte Village Resort is legendary hotel of Italian Sardinia. The project is unique. As a matter of fact, it is not a hotel but a real big city. There are many restaurants, Zoo, golf-club, kids’ club, tennis court, shopping centers and disco platforms. There is also a transport: cute little buggies. Families with kids or just married couples come to have rest here. You know, you can stay in the hotel foe weeks without leaving it. The big interesting feature of the hotel is big size and pleasant atmosphere. Probably, there is a unique opportunity to stay in the private villa. This is a great variant of privacy.

Forte Village is very beautiful hotel: swimming pools and never ending white beaches, admirable nature, interesting nature of Sardinia with its charming bays, black rocks and corral caves, rare birds and aromatic pine trees and breezy air.

Verdura Resort, Sicily

Meet the best popular hotel of Sicily. The world popular celebrities come here for fresh emotions and health care. You may hire a car in Catania and get to the far away province to stay in the Sicilian paradise. People come to this hotel for healthy food. They want to lose weight in special way and taste. Hotel specialists make a special program for you in anti-stress therapy. You can add your therapy with walking the garden, reading books, admiring nature.

The new global SPA-program of Rocco Forte collection includes 4 ways of self-improvement: branded procedures, cosmetic health and care procedures Forte Organics, fitness training from Rocco Forte Fitness and healthy diet from Rocco Forte Nourish. These basic components are offered for visitors of all SPA centers from Rocco Collection since this year.

If you are gourmand, you are in the right place: restaurants and bars of the hotel offer various and tasty food variants. Do you like nature? You can enjoy Italian nature views: it is difficult to cross the territory of Verdura Resort in one day. The sea line of the hotel is 2 kilometers long. By the way, the hotel location is also impressive: it is situated close to the famous Antique Museum in the open air and Agrigento Valley. You can see the sea view from the window of your room. Look at the gold fields! The golf fields are designed by the most famous landscape designer.