Tips To Make Your Bunker Shots Perfect

Tips To Make Your Bunker Shots Perfect

Getting out of the sand trap or bunker is a must for players who are looking forward to maintain a low score in golf. Although, pros make it look extremely easy, it can develop into a serious problem dragging down your game. Bunkers are common in the golf courses in Dallas, Texas and other well-celebrated green patches in the U.S. So, players who want to make a name for themselves in golf, or just want to master the game as a hobby, must become handy with a club in a bunker. Obviously, like shooting the golf from any other part of the course, bunker shots need confidence. But, that should not be the only thing you bring with you on the course. Here we have managed to put together a list of tips to help golfers improve their bunker shots.

The Right Club Can Make Things Easy

Wedges are the best clubs for bunker shots. But the question that creates confusion is which one to choose? Well, that would depend on the type of sand trap you are dealing with. For example, high-lofted wedges would be the best choice for a bunker where the golf ball has the least chance of rolling (no green). On the other hand, when you are dealing with a bunker where there is some green, the best tool to leverage it would be a lower lofted wedge.

Body Posture Can Help You Make the Perfect Shot

As a golfer, you must know that the right set up can improve your chances of making great shots. As sand shots are a bit different from shooting the ball anywhere else in the green, your posture would need some modifications. A bunker shot is much more efficient with your feet closer to each other rather than the wide-apart stance that most of the golf shots promote. Keep your feet firmly in the sand and prepare for shooting a little left of your target line. Flexing your knees and keeping your shoulders wide would help. Keeping your weight on the front foot can help you into the digging action, pulling the ball higher while maintaining the desired angle.

The Swing Mechanics

The swing has to be firm, following the target line. If you need a point to hit the ball, try managing targeting two to four inches beneath the ball. Pick outside to inside swing process with an open clubface and maintain balance as your stance is not that wide. This swing and hit process would get the ball high, but the amount of power to use on the shot would depend on how far you need the golf ball to fly. There are no clean shots from the bunker. As you will be splashing sand with the ball, it is better to go for a bigger swing, to maintain power on impact.

Shooting a Plugged Ball

Plugged balls can be quite a nuisance for you if you are not great at digging. Generally, players who rely on high shots face a plugged ball problem. Experts suggest to use a high-lofted wedge and a face shut swing to get the club under the ball, inside the impact hole. Sounds challenging? Well, it is, but adding a bit more power to the shot (to clear out the sand and reach the ball) would get you out of the trap.

Practice Makes Things Perfect

There is no substitute for practice. The pros you see making the toughest shots with a smile on their face have spent hours practicing each shot they now play with ease. The green side sand trap is the best place for practicing bunker shots.

Whether you are trying to be a pro someday or are in the mood to explore the golf courses in Dallas, Texas and other sunny areas in the U.S just to have a good time, practice can get you the skills you need. Go for it and enjoy every bit of your golfing moment.