Tips For Organizing Fan Art and Convention Swag

Tips For Organizing Fan Art and Convention Swag

Fan art and other unique items can quickly get out of hand when you have a passion for collecting things that pique your interest. Whether you’re a fan of a specific comic series or follow a variety of different types of pop culture, you might discover that you have more art than you know what to do with. Add on the serious amount of swag that you can bring home from conventions, and you could have a serious problem on your hands. Organizing all of your favorite items is easy when you use these tips to get started.

Identify the True Collectibles

The first thing you need to do is figure out what is worth preserving. Coming home from a convention often means that you have a mix of different things that you collected at various booths. Start by going through your bags and boxes, and set aside the things that you want to keep. You can then sell, donate or toss out any items that don’t represent your interests or have value.

Create a Wall Display of Unique Prints

For most collectors, comic books, art and posters are the most valuable items. Some comic books can be stored in bins or files, but the best ones should be put out where everyone can see them. Custom framing is an option that you can use for those awesome signed art prints and comic books that need to be carefully preserved. Since the frames are made to size, you won’t have to worry about the edges getting wrinkled.

Use Shelves to Show Off Figurines

Action figures and figurines are other things that you might collect at your favorite conventions. These are often so creatively made that they don’t deserve to be stashed away in a box. Hang a few shelves on your wall or choose a freestanding unit. Then, organize the figurines according to genres or specific movies and games.

Pin Up Your Button Collection

Buttons are frequently given away at booths, and most people choose to save them instead of wearing them. You can organize buttons and pins by putting them on a cork bulletin board. Another option is to hang a piece of fabric that fits the theme. Pinning the buttons onto the fabric gives you a place that you can continue to add to your collection while enhancing your room decor.

Getting your fan art and swag organized might take some time, but you’ll love being able to see your favorite items on full display. Not only will you be able to show off your display to other fans, but you’ll feel good knowing that any valuables in your collection are safely preserved. Once you get started, you’ll find that an organized collection leaves room for you to find even more exciting things to add to your displays.