Tips For Healthy Sleep

For many people, they should sleep between seven and nine hours each day. However, some people could sleep less than seven hours a day, while others may need more than nine hours. It is a good habit to sleep before 11PM, because our body repair cells and restore function between 11PM and 1AM. Toxins are neutralized between these hours and poisons could be returned to our liver if we still wake up. It is a good habit to sleep and wake at the same time each day. This should help our body to have more regulated sleep rhythm and we could wake up more restfully the following morning. It is a good idea to sleep without lights or lamps. The circadian rhythm of our pineal gland can be disrupted. The production of serotonin and melatonin can also be affected and this will disrupt our sleep quality.

It is a bad idea to eat before we sleep. Eating sugar and grain may actually cause low blood sugar when we sleep and cause sleep disorder. It is also not advisable to place TV set in our brain. TV could stimulate our brain and cause disruption in the pineal gland, causing sleep problems. It is a bad idea to read seriously before we go to bd. If we want to read a book, we should choose the one that’s more peaceful and relaxed. Our feet have less blood circulation than the rest of our body, so it could get cold first. This could cause problems with our sleeping pattern. For this reason, we should make sure that our feet could stay warm for the rest of the night. Wearing two layers of socks could already make us feel comfortable during a cold night.

Unfortunately, surprises could stress our body, so it is a bad idea to wake up with abrupt loud noises and bright light. It is a good idea to have a dimmer combined with sunlight simulator that can gradually emit light to full intensity for one hour. This will emulate sunlight and adrenaline won’t be produced due to the gradual changes. If light alone can’t wake us up, we could use noise that gets louder gradually, without distressing us. The noise should sound “informative” that notifies us that it is time to wake up, instead of pushing us to wake up quickly. The room temperature should also be acceptable and it needs to remain constant, instead it is summer or winter in our area. It is also a good idea to eat protein-rich meal during dinner. Fruits could also help L-Tryptophan to flow to our brain through bloodflow.

It is generally inadvisable to take prescription drugs before we go to sleep, unless it is necessary. We should avoid caffeine and any kind of stimulants, due to their possible long-lasting effects on our nervous systems. Alcohol could also make us drowsy and have a varying degree of hangover symptoms in the morning.