Tips and Advices To Prepare The Small Removals Easily

Tips and Advices To Prepare The Small Removals Easily

Although the small removals look like easy for handling, they can easily turn into a quite more overwhelming task. For example, let`s take the library – moving all the books from the bookshelves may look like an easy task, but only if you use small card boxes. The books look like they are small, light and easy for handling, but when all the books are piled in just one box – the overall weight of that box can exceed that of the biggest dismantled furniture or the laundry machine.

Tip 1: Wrap the items from the library by grouping the biggest and the lightest books. A great idea is to have plenty of small removal boxes, tapes and labels. Thus, you can easily handle a small box with only a dozen books by yourself, and then to return for the other boxes. It is also safer for the books, on the other hand. The chance of damaging the bottom of the boxes is lower, as well as chance to appear scratches on the bottom of the box and therefore onto the books.

Tip 2: Fill racks, cabinets and other empty spaces with light small objects. Blankets, curtains, cushions, old clothes and other fabrics are perfect for doing so. One, they can act as an extra protection for the sides of the cabinets and two, you will save plenty of space from other large or medium sized boxes only for these yet light objects.

Tip 3: Small removals like kitchen appliances or bathroom equipment are also small and easy to handle, but it should be easier if you store them in one or in a couple of special boxes only for that. Isolate the bottles and the other bathroom objects with plastic bags and arrange them carefully in the removal boxes. Another great advice is to have several small sized removal boxes and yet with a different shape. The objects in the box can fit tightly and therefore the chance of leaking or damaging is much lower.

Tip 4: Use protective edges for paintings, TV screens, windows, mirrors, etc. The protective edges are perfect for moving big furnishings, but they are also useful for some small and light objects, especially fragile objects that have delicate wooden parts, lush details or glossy chrome parts.

Tip 5: Always wrap your belongings for a relocation, even when it comes to a short trip to the nearby city or to a new house in the other corner of the city. The small objects are not that vulnerable to scratches and damages like the bigger ones, but it`s hard to beat the advantage of the extra wrappings for cleanliness

Tip 6: If you plan to combine big and heavy items with light and small ones in one box – always put the lightest objects on top. Under filling the boxes is another issue to keep in mind, because it can cause the objects to move freely inside the box, which is truly an issue if you put big and small objects in one box.

Tip 7: Label the boxes with small items so you and your helpers can easily orientate about what`s in the box. It will take less time to find an object in the rush, as well as easier for unpacking and arranging in the new house. Use labels with contrasting colors and labels that are easy to read.

Tip 8: Prepare a small special box for the most expensive items like jewelries, documents, keys, etc. Or else, another small box only for drinks and snacks can become truly useful while waiting for the moving van. For more moving and storage tips: