Tiny House Movement

Tiny House Movement

For some tiny living seems like a certain type of novelty, while for others it happens to be an exciting new way of life, but there is also the middle ground where some people stand, not exactly sure what the fuss is all about. Well thankfully, there is more than enough information on the pros and cons of using a tiny home and what they have to offer in general. The following will explain why and how:

  • You can Downsize your Home Quite a Bit

This is one of the main reasons people tend to switch to smaller, extra tiny homes that happen to have the basics and not too much in terms of interior space. Having a home like that will allow you to not only keep your life simple, but it will drastically cut your expenses at the cost of certain comforts you may be used to.

  • Positive Sides

You will always be close to a window when you’re indoors, which brings about a connection with nature you would otherwise miss. Tiny homes are less expensive to heat up during the winter if they are made right, they happen to be more affordable overall and you can own them instead of simply renting or dealing with outrageous mortgages. They are also fairly easy to relocate if you feel the need to do so. They are also fairly easy to clean and cheaper to renovate if you need to. You can simply contact a moving company Wimbledon to get things organized, getting them to find a way to move your home and belongings to a new location. You would do well to call up several companies to find the ones that will have what it takes to make things happen.

  • Drawbacks

There is not much in terms of personal space with a tiny home. If you are married you will quickly find this when you realize that separate human beings have separate needs that need to be fulfilled and a tiny home simply doesn’t have much in the way of privacy. There will also be very limited storage space, so you will need to learn to live the Spartan way if you want to coexist in a home like that without stepping on each other’s toes and cluttering up the place. If you have a problem with tight spaces, then you would not fare well in such a situation. You should get used to the idea of not having enough storage space to turn around properly most of the time. While they can be fairly easier to heat up during the winter, they are really bad at cooling off during the summer due to their smaller roof overhangs. The kitchen will be much smaller than usual, so you may need to stick to food that is exceptionally easy to cook and doesn’t require too much space either. Chances are toilet space will be a problem as well if you don’t figure things out when you make your tiny home; also you may need to forget about bathtubs due to size constraints.

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