Time To Know About The Traditional Cakes From Different Countries

Time To Know About The Traditional Cakes From Different Countries

Just like fashion or music, Gastronomy is also a crucial art that varies from one country or religion to another. These variations mainly depend on the type of ingredients available in each area and tastes developed throughout the centuries of eating specific kind of flavors.

This article gives you the 7 examples of traditional cakes from different parts of the world. All the cakes are equally delicious but they come in different compositions.

  1. France: Galette De Rois

The English name of this magnificent cake is “King’s Cake“. Traditionally it is considered to be a Christmas cake in France and it is eaten after the Christmas eve, during the first week of January, although lately, this cake has become so much popular that most of the well-known bakeries are selling this cake during the entire month.

This cake is nice made of layers of butterfly puff pastry and topped with powder sugar which is wrapped around the rich cream cake with very precise care and attention.

  1. Germany: Black Forest Cherry Cake

This type of cake is like a delicacy from south-east of Germany, the region of Black Forest. A lot of people still believe that Switzerland is the origin of this sumptuous cake and Germany just changed the way of preparing this cake and made it highly popular worldwide like it is nowadays.

This Black Forest Cherry cake is made of a few layers of chocolate cake separated by the layers of strawberry. This cake is perfectly topped with whipped cream, chocolate shavings, and some cherries for the purpose of decoration.

  1. Turkey/Greece: Revani

The entire Arabic world and especially Turkey are really well known for the Baklava, a variety of dry fruits, layered cakes, and honey. However, there you can find a lot of other desserts in Turkey but none of them are as tasty as Revani.

This special Greece and Turkey delicacy are elaborated with semolina, a bit of lemon. It is served up with Orange syrup.

  1. Japan: Mochi

The Mochi is a Japanese traditional cake which is made of rice paste and this cake is usually prepared on the eve of Japanese New Year. This cake can be found throughout the year in different varieties like ice creams or even soup also. The best part of using rice paste in this cake is that rice paste can easily be molded and it can be combined with wide range of ingredients. You can find huge varieties of Mochi cakes in Japan.

  1. India: Mawa Cake

Mawa cake is the staple cake item in India. It is basically a milk based cake that comes with the touch of cardamom and nuts like almond and cashews. Mawa is actually a solidified milk. Mumbai is the birthplace of this cake.

  1. Scotland: Dundee Cake

It is a very popular traditional Scottish fruit cake that is made with raisins and currants. Depending on the recipes cherries are used. It comes with spongy looks but the texture of this cake is very light. Te flavor of this cake very rich. Sometimes, Scottish whiskey is used to add more flavor and moist to this cake.

  1. Mexico: Res Leches Cake

Though this cake is a typical Mexican delicacy but it is equally popular all over the South America. The base of this cake is actually a butter sponge cake and later it will be soaked in three kinds of milks-condensed, evaporated and regular. The cake comes with the top up of whip cream or meringue.

Now you might have got an idea about most popular traditional cakes from different countries. In India, when it comes to sending or ordering the most mouth watering cake, you can easily place cake order  online. Hope you like the article for more information to blow your Curious mind go to The socioGeek.