Things We Should Know About TikiWiki Content Management System

There are many open source, PHP-based out there and TikiWiki is one of them. It is powered by MySQL database and phpAdmin. TikiWiki comes with diverse features and they have many interesting features. Documentation for TikiWiki is adequate, although it may not be as extensive documentation for WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. The search feature of TikiWiki is quite capable and it could allow users to find many things in our website.

There are also forums for TikiWiki, although replies won’t be as responsive and comprehensive. This can be quite frustrating for people who face problems when using TikiWiki. Another feature is User Rights. Each individual or group can be given unique permissions. Turning the process on can be quite simple and we can do that by checking or unchecking boxes. When using TikiWiki, we will need to perform specific configuration tasks, such as modifying the header.tpl file. When using theme, we could also modify existing CSS themes or creating custom designs.

When choosing option in TikiWiki, we should make sure to ask others. For example, some options may not correctly for specific situations. The main component of TikiWiki is obvious the Wiki-based platform. It is very easy to use and set up. When using the Wiki platform, we should make sure to follow specific rukes.

As an example, we shouldn’t use any kind of spaces when creating link text. We also shouldn’t use double parentheses after and before the link text. When using Wiki, there’s also a spellchecking feature, so we are able to ensure good quality of our content. Content submission when using TikiWiki is also quite straightforward.

Using the phpAdmin is also quite easy and we will be able to immediately modify any table inside the database. TikiWiki comes with built-in calendars, both for public and private uses. These calendars are essential to make sure that our content is well organized and synchronized. It is essentially a nice experience to use TikiWiki and we should be excited about it.

TikiWiki also fully supports advertising platforms. It would be incredibly easy to use image or text-based advertising. We could set the position and the frequency of the advertising. We may choose to use polls, forums or links. These components can be set up easily without problems. TikiWiki comes with a couple of category systems, the standard directory and Wiki formats. It also has a built-in email system, although the capability can be rather basic compared to dedicated email tools.

TikiWiki can be modified because it is an open-source platform. People with good knowledge in PHP, CSS and MySQL should be able to make minor or major modifications. However, we should make sure that major changes are performed only by experienced programmers. This will make sure that no new bugs or glitches are introduced due to improper coding. Overall, TikiWiki is a capable CMS and it’s worthy an 8 out of 10 score. But unfortunately, like many other less popular content management systems, the user community may not be as active.

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