Things We Should Know About Sea Salt Cleansing?

There are many health issues that indicate the necessity of cleansing. We could be gassy and have IBS-like symptoms. We could feel bloated after meals, have slow bowel movements and sluggish digestion process. Cleansing is necessary on people who regularly consume dairy products, refined foods and animal protein. Other symptoms are allergy, skin problems, constipation and respiratory problems. Sea salt cleansing should be able to keep our colon clean and healthy. Its primary benefit is the ability to cleanse the whole GI tract, from the mouth to the very bottom. In general, salt water flush can be much better than methods like colonics and enema. We should be able to deal with many problems. In general, enema and colonics would only remove body waste from our colon, while sea salt flush could also remove gas. During the process, we use high quality salt that balances our pH levels and works as an effective healing agent. By achieving balanced pH level, we should be able to reduce the level of fungi, viruses and bad bacteria in our GI tract.

Because sea salt could also remove gas, specific conditions, such as excessive burping, cramping, irritability, digestive irritability and bloating can be addressed. If we perform sea salt flush regularly, we would see that many of these annoying symptoms will disappear. This method is simple, quick and cheap. In general, sea salt flush is essentially about drinking salt solution in the morning. Morning is considered the best time, because we still have an empty stomach. When performing this cleansing method, we choose a type of high quality sea salt, such as Himalayan salt and plenty of water. Salt has specific weight and it won’t be processed by kidney and won’t enter our body. It will flush our intestinal system like a tidal wave. All garbage in solid, liquid and gaseous forms will be bulldozed to the very bottom and removed from our body. However, we should be aware that many products that claim to be sea salt are actually consisted of cheap, factory-produced salt. In this case, we should choose natural, pure and unprocessed sea salt.

We should be aware that it isn’t recommended to use regular table salt. In large quantity, table salt is essentially toxic to our body. They are often processed in factories and treated with various chemicals. In fact, we only get pure sodium chloride, without other beneficial minerals found in sea salt. When flushing our GI tract with sea salt, it is a good idea to use warm water to speed up the process. Swallowing a big teaspoonful of sea salt may taste overwhelming for many people and it could be an acquired taste. However, we should endure it and try to slam it all in a single big gulp. It should be noted that, we shouldn’t eat anything after two hours of drinking. It is also important to avoid drinking tea and coffee. When we experience some unusual bowel movement, then we know that the detox process is working.

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