Things To Do In Paris

Things To Do In Paris

Paris is one of the world’s most expensive and glamorous cities.  Normally when you get to Paris, you will instantly thought of Eiffel Tower as it is the most popular Paris attractions.  Though it is a great place to visit, we only recommend you to visit the place if you are ready to stand on a long queuing line.  To help you on the places that you should visit and things to do in Paris here is a short list for you.


Before even the Eiffel tower has been erected, Pantheon is one of the most popular landmarks in Paris that the tourist frequently visits.  Pantheon can give you a picturesque view of the entire city.    Pantheon, which is originally called as the Basilica of St. Genevieve is a magnum opus architectural structure during the late 18th century.  It is a witness for the history of France for the past 250 years.  It is known for its dome that has an intricate interior design and a well-balance and symmetric plan.  It is a combination of Republican and Christian symbol.  If you are thinking of what to do in Paris, visiting Pantheon should be included on your list.

Museum of Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art was originally erected for the World Fair during the 1937.  It was reinstated on 1961 publicly. The place inhabit a fraction of the Tokyo Palace just a few steps away from Trocadero.  Museum of Modern Art is a place of contemporary art exhibit such as conceptual art, povera art, support surface, realism, lyric abstraction, cubism and a whole lot more.

It also includes a section for the artist that contributed greatly to the field of arts during the 20th century.  As of today, the contemporary art exhibit offers a comprehensive detail on different international and local events through a thematic exposition.  It is also located near the other popular Paris attractions, which make it popular things to do in Paris.

Rodin Museum

Rodin Museum can be found near the Invalides.  It is a place where you can find all the works of Auguste Rodin.  The 17th Century structure was erected by Jean Auber and Jacques Gabriel.  Different works of arts are displayed on the garden of the mansion to entice and delight visitors.  Enjoying the spectacle present in the Rodin Museum should be on your list of what to do in Paris.

Museum of Natural History

Museum of Natural History can be found on the foot of the mountain St. Genevieve.  This place is established in the year 1635, and it was originally built to preserve and enrich the field of medicinal plants.  In 1793, it became the Museum of Natural history with a more broad approach in the field of human and natural science.

There are only three types of museum that houses different collections that is associated with the nature.  The collections found in this place allow the experts to create an account of the diverse nature of the planet.  If you are a nature lover, this should be included on your things to do in Paris.

Luxembourg Palace

Luxembourg Palace is also use as the house of the Senate ever since 1958.  The garden in front of the venue is originally a camp for the Romans.  It was bought in the year 1612 by de Medicis and in 1615 she asked de Brosse to design a palace with a Renaissance style.  De Medicis was exiled, but the structure remained in the property of the noble family until the period of Revolution.  Luxembourg Palace is one of the most renowned Paris attractions that you should see.