Things To Consider When Buying Ash Caskets

Things To Consider When Buying Ash Caskets

What Design do you Want?

Ash caskets can be designed with pictures, photographs or any other graphic that you want to see in the same way that coffins can be customised with meaningful images. You can either bring your own image to the funeral director for their designers to work with, or you can describe the sorts of things that might be suitable, and the design team will do all the hard work. You will get to see and approve the final image before it is printed, and there is a huge stock library of images available to help pick the most perfect artwork that will honour the memory of your loved one.

Do you Want it Plain?

Ash is a beautiful wood with a lovely finish all of its own, so you could opt for an engraved or shaped ash casket without any embellishment, or instead keep it plain, simple and beautiful. There is no right or wrong and each customer will want something slightly different.

What is your Budget?

An ash casket is a good choice for funeral organisers seeking to keep a hold on the budget, as the products are beautiful and of high quality whilst being affordable. Your funeral director will let you know about the different prices and plans available, and how different finishes impact the price. Caskets are modern and popular and tend to be less expensive than coffins as they require less material and craftsmanship to produce.

When is the Funeral Taking Place?

Your funeral director will work with you quickly and supportively to make sure you have the product that you need. Get in touch with them at the earliest possible opportunity so that you can discuss your needs, the particulars of the funeral and establish what service and products you are looking to buy. The funeral location will be important as part of the practical logistics – again, the funeral director will organise this all for you and liaise with the venue and other service providers as necessary, to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

What Type of Funeral is Taking Place?

Is the funeral going to be a cremation and how will the casket be used afterwards? This is well worth considering and discussing with your funeral director to ensure that you are buying the right product for your needs. The more information you can give, the better your resulting service will be, as the directors can make sure that they provide the perfect funeral for your needs.

Considering a Memorial for a beloved Pet?

Caskets are also used by families who are laying much-loved pets to rest and similar sized products can be used. Again, discuss your needs with your funeral director and they can advise on the best type of product and arrange exactly what you need.