The Right Way of Dealing withthe Antigua Citizenship Requirements!

Antigua and Barbuda are the Commonwealth-state located in the Eastern Caribbean. It has around 365 beaches and is popular for its clean and turquoise waters. The tourists rush to this place for its tropical islands. Undoubtedly it is a paradise and everyone wants to own a piece of land for themselves. But, it is not easy to get the Antigua citizenship. You will have to look up to the to know the actual process on how to go about. No matter how much information is available on the internet, people tend to get confused. Without clarity, it is impossible to go about the procedures.

Pointers to help you go about the Antigua citizenship procedures:

How to Apply:
The first thing is to know how to apply for the Antigua citizenship. There will be online portals to take care of the application processes. But, are they valid or trusted sites? You need to check for the credibility of the site before submitting your information. There will be several forms that you need to fill in during the application processes. Hence, you need to watch out for such information or else it is quite obvious that you might feel confused with the whole process.

• Police Certificates:
Any individual who is applying for the Antigua citizenship should be over the age of 18 years. He or she should not hold any criminal records in order to qualify for the application. So, you will be expected to create a police file that states that there is no case against you. Such documents are also known as ‘police clearance’ or ‘no information’ or ‘record of no information’. You should be aware of such documents before submitting. Only then you will be able to apply for the same.

Document Certification:
There will be several other documents that you will be required to present to the Antigua and Barbuda authorities. You will find a detailed list on their site. Make sure you have the checklist and follow it strictly before applying for the citizenship. You will have to start compiling the documents in advance to make sure that you do not suffer during the actual process. Everything should be ready and compiled during the application.

Passport and Visa:
Before you apply for the citizenship of the Antigua and Barbuda, you must be holding a passport of any particular nation. Hence, you will have to put such document as a record as a part of the Antigua citizenship requirement. You will have to produce the originals along with the copy before application. Other valid details will be available online. You will have to follow the information before you think of applying for the citizenship.

It is important that you go through the requirements for the citizenship application. Start preparing by bringing all the documents together. You will have to create a strong bank history as well. In fact, you might feel lost at certain phases. There is no harm in hiring a professional agent who will help you through the procedures.