The Perfect Bathroom

When you’re remodelling your house, one of the most challenging rooms in the bathroom. You have the chance to make a real stamp here, but you have so much more to consider than in the other rooms in the house. You’re not just thinking about colour and light, but plumbing, humidity, power and safety!

Today we’re taking a look at the unique challenges of putting together the perfect bathroom to help inspire and inform you.

The Look

You’re going to be spending a lot of time in this room so it’s important for it to look right. Don’t rush into any hasty decisions: when you’re remodelling you have a unique opportunity to create a totally new look for your bathroom, with even the placing of major items like the sink and bathtub are tied into the whole. If you regret your choices, you can make piecemeal changes afterwards, but nothing so complete and total.

Don’t just look at catalogues from suppliers. Look at magazines and features. If you see something that fires your imagination, you can look at what’s available within your budget to replicate that feel. Once you’ve actually settled on a look, try to work with one supplier for everything you need. That means no surprise shortages, no trying to make different components work together: when everything’s coming from the same place it all fits. If you’ve decided on a classically classy theme for your bathroom, it will be to your advantage if the same business is supplying your porcelain bathtub and your Edwardian bath taps.

The Practicalities

Before you get too deep into your plans, you need to talk with a professional. Consult with a builder or plumber who can have a look at your available space and let you know what is possible before you start or you’ll find you’ve made grand plans that you can’t make good on.

If you decide the only place for your new bathtub is beneath the skylight on the right of the room, and plan everything around that, you could then discover that you simply will not be able to get water through to that location. Knowing the places in your bathroom you definitely can connect up plumbing (both incoming and outgoing water, as well as the outflow from the toilet) means your plans will be informed from the beginning, with no last minute changes compromising your vision.