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Wine is, undoubtedly, the most delicate and sophisticated among all kinds of liquor. You need taste, experience, and knowledge to appreciate a good quality wine. Wine gets better as it ages. Hence, wine tasting is considered as an art which requires expertise about different kinds of wines. High-quality wines usually come from high-quality grapes. There are many kinds of wine grapes harvested all over the world. Naturally, these grapes vary in nature due to the climate, weather and soil type that they are grown in. The quality and nature of the grapes influence the kind of wine they produce. Thus, every type of wine is different in texture and taste. Some regions are highly famous for the finest wines as their climatic conditions and soil types are favorable for the growth of high-quality grapes.

The basic features of any good wine are as follows:




The level of sweetness varies from wine to wine. However, almost every kind of wine is a little sweet. Cheap wines often use sugar for sweetening. On the other hand, expensive wines of high quality do not use any sugar or any other form of sweetener. They naturally have a tinge of sweetness, depending on the type of the wine.




A good wine should have a hint of tartness in it. Wines that are produced from grapes grown in cool climates usually have a higher content of acidity than that of grapes grown in hot and humid climates. Wines that have high acidity feel lighter in taste and texture. When you drink a wine with high acidity, you usually feel a tingling sensation on the front and sides of your tongue.




The phenolic compounds in a wine are known as tannin. These compounds contribute to the bitterness in the wine. Tannin is often misunderstood as the level of bitterness in wine because the presence of tannin makes your mouth dry. However, it is a misconception. Tannin is responsible for adding balance and complexity to the structure of the wine. It also increases the longevity of the wine.




Most wines have a strong fruity flavor by which they can be identified. For example, different types of red wine have tasted like raspberry or blueberry or blackberry. White wines usually have flavors of lemon or lime or peach or yellow apple. Your personal tastes and preferences determine which fruity flavor you would favor.




The body of a wine can be light, medium or heavy. The body of a wine depends on several factors like wine variety, quality of grapes and the region they are grown in, manufacturing process, vintage and alcohol level. Again, it depends on your personal preference the kind of body you prefer your wine to be.

Thus, these are the primary features that a good quality wine should have. To know more, you can search for top 100 wine blogs on the internet.