The Fine Points Of Fine Arts

The Fine Points Of Fine Arts

Every person has surely had an experience of painting of some sort in their life time; painting is a thing that generally does not come naturally to a child. Most children learn it and some are fortunate to be blessed with it intrinsically. What was formerly known as painting, which involved a canvas, brushes and paint has had a major makeover. Of course painting is still prevalent largely, but what has transformed in it is the approach with which a painter paints.

Previously the thought processes of a painter were simple enough for the viewers to comprehend it, but now it is not that easy. It is this kind of painting that most people cannot make sense out of that is known as the fine arts painting. These sort of paintings have a very deep rooted meaning which only the genuine artistic people can decipher. Adrian Rubin a real estate developer by profession is one such artistic person, though his work may not seem to be that artistic.

He hails from a very artistic family which is why he hardly had the chance to escape from art. He is well versed in the traditional fine arts and has been trained in the traditional painting style. Among his busy schedule lined up with meetings with clients, he makes sure to find time and devote to the creation, comprehension and appreciation of fine arts. He is an inherently creative person, who utilizes the essence of all his favourite works, like fine arts and playing golf, into his profession. This is what he feels gives him an edge over his contemporaries.

There are various categories under which the fine paintings can be classified into although the basics are the same for all of them.

  1. The Contemporary art – this is a quite widely and well known form of fine art, which a lot of people are taking interest in, lately. There usually is nothing general about this art form, the methods used in it are very strict and basic which is unlike the simplicity of the traditional painting form. The traditional art form had a freedom of expression which has turned itself into visual art in its presentation as text in this art form.
  2. The Abstract art – in comparison to the previous one this allows much more freedom of expression. It involves the use of geometric shapes, lines and vibrant colours. You could let your imagination absolutely loose with this kind of painting and are not bound by any rules. This is thus the most free form of fine arts and is successful only when you can maintain a balance in your art and at the same time draw the attention of the viewer towards it.
  3. Figurative Abstraction – this is not a very popular art form and needs the painter to have an understanding of the abstracted shapes. This involves figures thus making it easy for the viewer to understand the meaning of the painting.

Art in any form is a welcome thing in everyone’s life and hence just like Adrian Rubin utilizes it to the best of his abilities in enhancing the quality of his work, so should every other person too learn to respect art in all its form.

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