The Evolution Of The Design Of Wardrobes

Wardrobes were first created by the French which were used as a closet. The earliest wardrobes used to be chests, which then evolved into the modern day closet or a wardrobe. A wardrobe is one of the key elements that determine a person’s choice of clothing, knowledge of the latest fashion trends and other aspects that portray that person’s impression on people. These days, having a wardrobe stacked with the latest trendy clothes but with an outdated wardrobe design isn’t the right combination since wardrobes have evolved themselves. Wardrobes used to be big rooms in which the wall-space was filled with closets and lockers. Modern day wardrobe designers have designed have come up with wardrobe designs with spacious hanging spaces, sliding shelves made out of glass or wood, and drawers with locks of their own. These newly designed wardrobes beat the olden day wardrobes by a huge margin as not only are they spacious, they are also compact. Also, they have plenty of compartments with different ways to open and close.

How to Design your Own Wardrobe?

Before you start designing your own wardrobe, determine how much space you are actually going to need.  Consider the number of doors you would prefer and also the material the doors are to be made out of. The material of the wardrobe doors could influence the atmosphere of the house in a huge way, for example, mirrored doors could make a small room feel larger and airier or dark wood wardrobe doors would look amazing in a large room. To help the wardrobe blend into your room, choose the color of the wardrobe wisely. The color should be chosen in such a manner that it matches the color of the walls of the room or is similar to it. This makes the wardrobe look right at home. Another important point is to choose the number of compartments that is to be needed. Modern day wardrobes usually have a hanging space at the top followed by smaller compartments at the bottom including safe lock units, and locking cabinets. Thus, it is rather important to put thoughts into your wardrobe designs.

 Easier Way to Design your Wardrobe

In the current technology driven day, it is easier to design wardrobes as you could design wardrobes online. There are websites that offer wardrobe designs to choose from, and apply for them. All you have to do is choose the material of the doors and cabinets and the body, fill out the specifications of the wardrobe, and apply for other accessories if necessary. Once the order is placed, the wardrobe is built according to your specifications in a warehouse. It is then delivered to your place of residence and is set up into your house. Most of these online wardrobe designers have their own measuring guides to help their customers understand the accurate measurements and the need for design. Thus, these internet startups actually have made designing wardrobes online possible and more convenient.