The Cosmetic Surgery Trends Of Australia

In the past, no one discussed plastic surgery much, and it was only spoken about in more elite social circles like Hollywood, or when a trauma victim needed surgery. No one, however, wanted to admit that they had work done, but today, the attitude towards plastic surgery has become increasingly positive with more prevalent social acceptance. What are some of the procedures in Australia that are more popular?

First, to look at the trends, we recommend looking at the rich and famous. For example, when Kim Kardashian wants to have a name for having a larger butt, you can be certain that other women across the globe will want to follow suit. Essentially, it gives them a type of permission to go out and have a rounder buttocks. Because Kim Kardashian remains in the spotlight, having a big butt is still seen as the “in” thing, and buttock augmentation surgery has even been increasing in popularity in Australia.

A Growing Industry: The Statistics

Australians have continued to spend more money each year on cosmetic surgery and treatments, and in 2015, it was an estimated $1 billion industry. According to Dr Russelll Knudsen, the president of the Australian College of Cosmetic Surgeons, the demand has been driven by the people from the baby boomer generation who are seeking new methods for reversing the aging process. What’s great about these newer trends is that if you used to live until you were 60, you looked like you were 60. Nowadays, you could be 85 and look more like you’re 60 years old. In particular, Australians have taken a liking to the non-surgical treatments that they can perform over a lunch hour. In the realm of cosmetic surgery, these less invasive techniques have grown in popularity.

One of the less invasive cosmetic techniques is known as Fraxel treatment. Helen Brown, a baby boomer, has become a prime example of this. Fraxel does not involve surgery, but instead, it uses a laser for resurfacing. Where could someone benefit from this type of surgery? Helen said that she has a job that is higher up, and she wants to keep looking as young as possible. You do not want to look your age because looking younger lets you compete with the others in your industry. What’s great about Fraxel is that there is a minimal recovery time, which is why Brown felt attracted to the procedure.

Plastic Surgery Demographics in Australia

The Australians who get plastic surgery tend to be younger from ages 18 to 34 at 58 percent. That’s actually eight percent more than the same age group in Americans. In addition, 79 percent of the people getting plastic surgery are normally females, while 21 percent are males. For that reason, it should come as no surprise that breast surgery has been the number one topic. In the meantime, rhinoplasties ranked in second place, and they account for around seven percent of all the Australians getting plastic surgeries on RealSelf.

The Difference between Australians and Americans

Americans and Australians only differ a little when it comes to major topics. For example, Brazlian butt lifts are more popular in the United States than what they are in Australia. In fact, it accounts for around 14 percent of all the US citizens visiting RealSelf. How popular are Brazilian butt lifts in Australia? According to research, they only make up around one percent of the traffic, but what is popular in Australia can sometimes change based on the region. For example, Brisbane had a higher interest in breast surgeries with 47 percent more per capita than Sydney. On the other hand, Sydney was more interested in rhinoplasty and liposuction.

Because the medical industry has been advancing, humans are starting to live longer. Also, we are working longer, and Australians have now set the retirement age for 70. Whether we like it or not, appearance matters, which is why a lot of older clients have chosen to take on plastic surgery to stay competitive with the younger generation. On the whole, breast augmentation has always stayed near the top of the list, and it is likely that it will remain there for years to come. The advantage of plastic surgery is that you can improve yourself in the modern age, which is what is so exciting. We could never do this before.