The Best Links for the Best Sites

While, as far as UX is concerned, for a user who reads our web page to refer to an in-depth link, or link it to an external source directly and without further research on the web, it can be a plus in the experience of his navigation of the contents of our site.

In fact, as I said earlier, a backlink is useful for providing additional information to the reader, how to indicate additional information and content (images, videos, presentations, etc.), cite a source or credits, and anything else useful on the subject matter. To buy links this is the best deal.

Always to simplify reading to the user, backlinks should contain anchor text brand, unambiguous and understandable at first glance of the reader. Therefore, it is better to avoid those anchor text containing only keywords, while it would be more appropriate to focus on the description of the link destination. This is a very useful practice for the reader and also adds value to search engines.

From what we have seen so far we can deduce that having many backlinks increases our reputation and authority, so search engines tend to give more visibility to those web pages that receive a large number of incoming links.

No, this practice worked in the 2000s, today you would be penalized by Google’s algorithms. Also disseminate links between communities, forums, directories, etc. it no longer has the value of time.

It should be noted that Google is not a bad stepmother who wants to penalize everyone, but its purpose is to reward content that has a value and the highest relevance based on the research carried out by a user, with a specific phrase.

We’ll give you an example
We have a web page that contains a text of 100 words on a topic like The History of Imperial Rome, but which has 1000 backlinks. It is easy to see that those incoming connections are not natural. What kind of in-depth analysis could a user find in those very little contents related to such a vast topic?

Furthermore, if you are familiar with Google Analytics, you will certainly notice that the summary pages of your site’s content receive far fewer visits than the pages where the topics are treated in depth.

  • Having said that, we already have the answer to the next paragraph.

Is buying backlinks worthwhile?
One of the quickest and simplest ways to increase the number of connections to our site is to buy a service from a specialized agency.


However, you must keep in mind that these practices are strongly opposed by search engines. In fact, you risk spending (and not even a little) to get numerous backlinks, but find yourself even further back in the SERPs. In fact, your links would end up in websites created specifically for this service, fake sites that are not at all difficult to identify by the Big G. crawlers.