The Best Exercises For A Weak Knee

When a knee is chronically achy and weak, the first instinct that many patients have is to rest it, keep it elevated and avoid putting any pressure on it whatsoever. While this is a useful practice in the short term, this does very little to alleviate weakness and pain in the knee over the long haul.

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The best treatment for a weak knee is to exercise the area. By taking the time to strengthen not only the knee itself, but the muscles that are adjacent to the knee’s joints, the patient is protected from severe injuries by decreasing the overall amount of stress and pressure that is placed on the knee. Be sure to use the proper technique and form when conducting these physiotherapy exercises.

There are exercises that must be avoided, though. Those who are experiencing weakness in the knees must never bend their legs in a manner that allows the knees to stick out past their toes. Be sure to bear this in mind when performing the following exercises. To get the best possible results from these physiotherapy exercises, perform each of them two or three times a week, for at least ten to twelve repetitions apiece.

Partial squats are a great physiotherapy exercise, expressly designed to strengthen weak knees. To get the most out of partial squats, grab a chair and stand roughly twelve inches away from it. The feet must be placed a hip’s width apart and the toes must be facing forward. While bending the hips, lower your body halfway to the chair. Make sure that your abs remain tight and keep those knees behind your toes.

Another tremendous exercise for weak knees is the step up. All you need to perform this exercise is a bench that is designed for aerobics or even just an average staircase. Step onto your chosen platform with the right foot. Take your left foot, tap it on top of the platform and then lower it. As you begin to step up, the knee should remain directly above the ankle. Repeat the process with your left foot.

The final physiotherapy exercise that is designed to provide relief for a weak knee is the side lying leg lift. A patient will need ankle weights to perform this exercise and receive the full benefits. Place the ankle weights above the weakened knee, lie down on your left side, hold your legs together (while also keeping them straight) and use your left arm to provide support to your head.

Flex your right foot and keep your body straight. From there, take your left leg and lift it up very slowly, to shoulder height. Slowly lower the leg and then repeat the process with your other leg, until the weakened area shows signs of relief. Use the proper technique and form during physiotherapy Cambridge exercises, in order to receive the full benefits.

To strengthen a weak knee, a patient must be willing to perform the proper physiotherapy exercises. Enduring knee pain on a consistent basis can sap a patient’s enjoyment of many favored leisure activities and cause weight gains that place added pressure on the joints, exacerbating the issue. By using these exercises, weak knees become stronger, by strengthening the knee itself and all of the surrounding areas. Physiotherapy provides the blueprint for a pain free existence.

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