The Best 5 Android Apps For Students

Here are five free apps you can use for your Android, and some are compatible with the iOS too. They are all ideal for students, especially those that are living on campus. They are all available via Google Play, and each one is custom suited to students, their education and their lifestyle.

1 – Sworkit

This app can be a student’s best friend. The app allows you to create training plans that last only five minutes. You can work out between lectures, or do one in the morning and one in the evening.

Colleges and universities set a new living pace and it is easy to put on weight as a result. Stay trim with this app and ensure that people of the opposite sex still find you attractive. The great thing is that it does not require any grind. It only asks that you work out five minutes at a time, and you can set your workouts to help you tone up different areas of your body. Just try your best not to do your workouts in public as seen on the Sworkit website or you will look like a genuine goober!

2 – RealCalc Scientific Calculator

This app is a scientific calculator app, which means you have all the functions of a scientific calculator on your phone, along with that bit of extra processing power that comes with your phone.

It is one of the few apps on Google Play that lives up to every promise it makes on the website, and if you dig deeper, you will find more functions you can use. The only downside is that you cannot take your app into your exams with you because it is on your mobile device, but otherwise it is a great tool to have and a brilliant time saver too. The undo feature is probably the best thing about it, and the display and graphics are far superior to that of real scientific calculators. The app is also free.

3 – TED

This is a free app that gives you access to a library of talks at the TED. Instead of going through your web browser on your mobile device, you can look at them through the app, search for talks that may interest you, bookmark them, and see which ones you have watched already. How you use the TED talks is up to you. Some of them make good reference material for your essays because they are from industry experts that your professors will recognize as authorities on the subject, and some of the talks are done by nutcases that do not understand empirical evidence.

4 – The Oxford Dictionary Of English

Some students ask why they need an Oxford dictionary on their phone when they can find words on the Internet and on Google. What they do not realize is that using this app is easier. You do not have to wait for results to load or pages to load because it all pops up easily and quickly.

There is also the fact that you need a varied use of vocabulary if you want a higher grade for your essay. The academic writers, who work for writing services like, say that students often unable to get a higher grade and prove a higher use of English because their vocabulary is lacking.

Use this app to ensure you know what a word means before you write it, and use it to figure out what a word means when you hear or read it.

5 – Circle of 6

This is an app that has been around for only a short time, going back and forth from beta to final, but the idea is worthy of commendation. It connects you with up to six people of your choosing. They are able to see where you are if you send out a message as you are walking through a bad neighborhood, or across a dark street as you head off to the campus, or even if you have taken a lift from somebody you are unsure about (which is not smart in the first place).

It has a default message that you can send to your six contacts that says where you are and if you need help, or you can craft your own message such as “Call me in five minutes” to the contact just in case you feel in danger.