The Benefits Of Using Pure Essential Oils

The Benefits Of Using Pure Essential Oils

While pure essential oils are well known within homeopathic circles, their numerous health benefits are making them more and more mainstream. They are easy to use, affordable, and have numerous uses. It’s never too soon to begin using essential oils.

What are Pure Essential Oils and their benefits?

Essential oils are not true oils because they contain no fatty acids. They are plant components distilled into liquid. As a result, quality oils are highly concentrated and all natural.

They can be used to help skin, improve circulation, boost the immune system, improve mental clarity, and can even be used as cleaning products. Choosing an oil depends on your needs. Each oil has its own list of uses and benefits. For instance, lavender oil is a top choice for relaxation while peppermint can increase alertness. Lemongrass is superb for cleaning skin, and grapefruit oil has purifying and cleaning properties. Eucalyptus helps promoting clear breathing, and oregano can help with respiratory health. There are numerous oils, each with its own benefits.

How do I use Pure Essential Oils?

Essential oils are administered topically or inhaled through aromatherapy. Some essential oils may also be ingested.

For topical application, essential oils must be mixed with a base oil such as coconut oil. Many undiluted oils are too potent to be applied directly to the skin. Some mild oils, like lavender, are an exception and can be applied without dilution. Once mixed with a base oil, any essential oil can be applied directly to skin as a moisturizer or soothing ointment. They can be mixed with water in a spray bottle and spritzed as a perfume. For a home spa experience, diluted oils can be dissolved with Epsom salts in a bath to promote relaxation and decrease stress.

For inhalation, oils can either evaporate on their own (dry evaporation) or with water. Dry evaporation is simple: place a couple drops of oil on a tissue or cotton ball and allow it to evaporate in your vicinity. For a more concentrated dose, hold the cotton ball to your nose and inhale deeply. Oils can be added to a pot of boiling water or to an aroma diffuser for a wider dispersion radius.

Where do I Purchase Quality Essential Oils?

Essential oils can be purchased through a representative or online. You can visit a reputable supplier like doTERRA to find more information on pure essential oils and their benefits.

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