Symptoms of Dyslexia in children at different ages

Reading can be complex for many people. It requires our brains to connect the sounds of the letter and put that sound in the right order. With the accurate arrangement of words pulls together into sentences and paragraph we can read and comprehend. This could be witnessed in children at early stages too. For some kids, this could be a simple thing to do while for some it could be a tough job. People who have trouble matching letters they see on the page and combining the sounds and letters together to form sentences are suffering from dyslexia although there are learning disabilities tutoring to help such children.


The symptoms of Dyslexia is different with age and severity can vary too. They struggle to understand how different sounds relate to letters and words, which leads to inadequate reading. However, it is necessary to consider that not every child who shoes more than one these signs or who struggles with reading has dyslexia. They might just need to work harder to polish their reading skills.

Here are a few symptoms that we have discussed in accordance with the different age and grade of your child.

Signs In Pre-school

May have difficulty in pronouncing words. Some words are natural tough for a pre-schooler, but kids with Dyslexia find it more challenging to vocalize it.

Has trouble saying worlds accurately. While some might think that he/she is just a ‘late talker,’ the kid might have Dyslexia.

Find it challenging to identify colors, or remembering names of letters or numbers.

They have a problem with forming words correctly with rhyming or similar sounds.

Face difficulty in learning nursery rhymes and poems or related rhyming games.

Signs In Schooling

Reading below than expected level according to age. Your child might be a slow learner, but constantly learning at a below average pace could be signed to introduce them into a learning disabilities tutoring.

  • Finding it difficult to discovering the right word and forming answers to questions.
  • Inability to pronounciate the sound of unfamiliar words.
  • Face Difficulty in processing and understanding what he or she hears.
  • Can’t make out similarities and differences in letters and words. For kids with Dyslexia, all most words are jumbled, and others are just no making any sense.
  • Find it hard to spell words
  • Taking an extremely long time completing tasks that involve even the minimalist of reading or writing.
  • Avoid indulging in any activity that involves reading.

Signs In Teens

  • They read slowly, omitting small words and leaving out parts of longer words when reading aloud.
  • The spelling error is just their thing! Sometimes they misspell such ways that even computer spell-checker doesn’t know how to correct.
  • Struggle to remember common abbreviation, including the famous social media ones, for example; idk.

If your child is also having a problem that we have listed above, then there are high possibilities that he/she needs to get checked for Dyslexia. Don’t worry there are now modern methods by which your child can get proper education even if he faces more challenges while learning to read or write. With learning disabilities tutoring they can see ahead to a brighter future. We recommend you to consider this company to provide your child with adequate learning disabilities tutoring. They will teach your child to read better with fluency and comprehension, faster! What are you waiting for more? Contact them today!