Summer For Students

Summer For Students

Students get a very special relationship with summer: they have the time to really enjoy it, like children, as they can manage their own time and over the long vacations and summer get plenty of hours to devote to soaking up the sunshine. They also have the resources to do more with all that time than children would – they’re not relying on ‘grown ups’ to organise things and drive them around. As a student, you can simply decide you’re going to the beach for the day, grab some friends and then go there!

Today we’re giving you a few hints to make the most of the beautiful weather while we have it.

Choose Your Parks

You’ll need plenty of green space to enjoy the weather properly – having a barbecue is a poorly maintained student garden is a recipe for crowded conditions, and a series of bites from the insects that prove to be lurked in your overgrown lawn.

Finding some open space is vital. If you’re living in student accommodation, Huddersfield has plenty of parks and open areas to chose from. Check first though – if BBQs or ball games aren’t allowed you might find your afternoon in the sun cut short.

The ideal park is equally easy to get to for all parties – so if you’re asking one of your friends to schlep all the way across town, you may have to rethink. Relaxing outside should be easy to organise on the spur of the moment, so opting for a less ideal park you can all get to in ten minutes will solve the problem.

Once you’ve found the park you’ll never have to discuss it’s name or location ever again. It will simply be The Park for ever.

Balancing Time

It’s important not to get so caught up in the summer that you fall behind on work. It might be torture sitting in the library when the sun is beaming down outside, but you’ll lose out on more than some summer sun if start missing deadlines.

If you’ve got reading or revision to do, you might be able to take that outside. As long as you can trust yourself to actually get through the work, you can achieve as much sitting under a tree in the park as you can in the library.

Essays and other more serious work need careful timetabling to get done. As long as you’re honest in your estimate of how much you can achieve and concentrate for the time you’ve set aside you’ll be able to work out a system that keeps your academic responsibilities satisfied and lets you enjoy the sun too.