Strange reasons coming to the fore in refusing vitamin K on behalf of the parents

Doctors have figured out the refusal to be on vitamin K vaccine for baby’s the stranger side. There are of the opinion that more and more babies are not receiving a shot of the vaccines, to be honest. But what the parents are refusing to acknowledge would be that it does go on to risk the chances of internal bleeding in case of kids or intestines.

It has to be said that vitamin K is an essential nutrient that helps the body in blood clot formation. In the case of older children and adults, this is found in the digestive system. This does not appear to be the case with infants. The sad part is that breast milk does not have a sufficient amount of vitamin K to ward off disorders that tend to arise with deficiency of the vitamin.

Not only brain bleeding or gastrointestinal issues, but babies who are known to have vitamin K drawbacks are also going to have flecks of blood in their stool. They are going to suffer from iron deficiency or becoming increasingly fussy which might be the case when a shortage of red blood cells occurs. Vitamin K vaccine for babies is a must and in countries like the US, it is provided at the time of birth itself.

Research experts are of the opinion that parents who go on to refuse vitamin K do it because of a myth that arises. In the days gone by it was felt that there did exist a relationship between vitamin K and blood cancer. This was a data that was refuted in a host of follow up studies. This was a similar situation that did occur between autism and the MMR vaccine.

In case if you are going to refuse the vaccine you are simply playing with the health of your child. More and more cases of vitamin K deficiency in children are emerging and on careful investigation, it was found out that most of them did go on to refuse vitamin K vaccines. As this vitamin is not known to pass through the placenta, this deficiency is going to take place if you are planning to supplement yourself with vitamin K during the course of pregnancy. As this vitamin is not going to transfer to the breast milk, the deficiency of this vitamin does appear to be all the more common when you breastfeed the baby.

The trend on the part of the parents would be to eradicate natural birthing experiences. This would mean that they would refuse an epidural and take home the baby without the necessary set of vaccines. The best way to figure out would be to ask the doctor a few questions and this has to be from legitimate sources. If you really think that vaccines have to be refused bear in mind the consequences first. Just do not refuse a vaccine based on the fact that someone close to you has refused it.