Stormwater Treatment – What Is It and How It Is Useful

Stormwater Treatment - What Is It and How It Is Useful

Storm water is the water that originates when precipitation occurs and snow or ice is melted. Storm water can infiltrate into ground or mix with the sea or river water.

Management of stormwater is very essential and various methods have been used to treat it. Primarily, stormwater was treated by using piped networks and getting it off the site as quickly as possible. It was sent directly to a river or a large water management facility. Later on, new technology came up and better ways to treat the water.

There are many stormwater drain filter suppliers available online, and you can also buy parts like the filter cartridges from their websites.


The treatment device used to treat stormwater is comprised of rechargeable and self-cleaning cartridges that are used to trap down the pollutants from the water including hydrocarbons, metals, nutrients and other common pollutants found.

The system works quite efficiently in treating the stormwater by drawing the water uniformly through a filter media. The large cartridges help treat the water with great efficiency. It helps to drain out maximum amount of pollutants. In this process, the hood is self-cleaned and it prevents the surface from blinding. It ensures that maximum media is drawn out and hence increasing the life of cartridge.

You can get the systems with various cartridge dimensions and specifications to fulfill the hydraulic needs accordingly. Several upstream configurations are also available in catch basin, linear grate, infiltration, curb inlet, and downspout.

The place where the management system is installed can configure cartridges in number of ways to collect wide range of specific footprints of project, various hydraulic conditions, and range of flows.

StormFilter Treatment

The natural water is treated in the stormfilter after it first enters the inlet pipes and collection units. It then passes by the filtration device and the center tube of cartridge is filled. While the water is about to fill the cartridge, the float valve is opened. The water that is filtered is then drained.

A siphon is activated by the closing of a valve and then it draws polluted water into the drainage tube. Filter water is discharged out of the apparatus by a under drain system.

Blowing the hood makes the water level rises up and air rushes in the regulators that breaks the siphon and releases the water column.

StormFilter Benefits

  • The treatment of water by a stormfilter is thoroughly done removing all the pollutants and draining them out safely.
  • There can be various carriages for specific pollutants.
  • It is easy to be maintained and not very expensive.
  • It enhances the cartridge life and ensures that all media is used.

StormFilter Maintenance

  • It has to be inspected on regular intervals. If any problem is detected the structure can be repaired or washed off easily.
  • Its maintenance interval ranges from one to three years.
  • It is recommended that vacuum extraction of captured pollutants should be done in the vault.

The water treatment by StormFilter is one ideal option. A StormFilter works quite efficiently and is very easy to maintain.