Sport For Self-defense

Muay Thai is also known as Thai boxing. It can be an old art of self-defense that was produced and examined in battle through the fearless warriors of old Thailand. In the present time, Muay Thai is used in different parts of the globe. The CIA and United States Navy SEALs takes full advantage of the devastating and bone crushing systems this martial art offers. Unlike other martial arts, students of Thai don’t earn belts for their skills and their progression. Instead, their skills are tested in the ring. Since Thai fighting first started, the only things that the fighters on their own are curious about are the championship belts which showcase their dominance in Muay fighting. The ability that is taught with Muay Thai is far more dominant to other striking based martial arts.

Sport For Self-defense

Muay Thai uses very small grappling, but focuses more on punches, crushing kicks and bone shattering elbows. Students of Thai fighting can regularly take an opponent down with one shot, quite often breaking bones and often times even killing them with one lethal kick or elbow. The grounds why Muay Thai didn’t employ ground grappling or submission holds is because it was developed in ancient battlegrounds where there were always multiple attackers. These attackers were expert in sword fighting skills, which made the need for a honest martial art more or less required.

Muay Thai used hard strikes, sticks, spears and swords. In this type of environment, you didn’t want the fight to go to the ground. The weapon movements and strikes should be precise, hard and fast. With these types of conditions and the sort of environment, Muay Thai is considered as a fast responsive martial art with a fantastic weapons system. Even though submissions and grappling were planned for Muay Thai, the martial art became more of a ring sport before grappling could be executed. With Thai originally being a martial art for striking purposes, a lot of martial artists have started using the systems that have been proven time and time again with time boxing.

Although there are other martial arts that put a lot of emphasis on striking, Muay is rather different. The first area in which Muay Thai differs is the effective use of both knees and elbows. The knees and elbows are employed with most Thai methods are feared all around the world by stylists and boxers. Muay Thai is a combat sport in Thailand in which performers are required to use stand-up striking together with some different clinching techniques. This particular physical as well as mental discipline that includes combat on the shins is called the art of 8 limbs.

Muay Thai at has been associated with different benefits, especially to health. This form of mixed martial arts has been known widely known helpful when it comes to muscle building as it helps add mass and develop lean muscles of the fighters. It can even help to lose weight as Muay Thai practitioners exert more energy in performing their killer techniques. The more they sweat the more pounds they lose. Apart from these, there could be some other benefits that you can get from being an expert in this form of martial arts.