South African Key Mobile Recruiting Trends

Nowadays, when building a website it is important to consider how mobile users will experience the website; online recruiters in South Africa realise a great deal of their talent acquisition lies in accommodating mobile users. Job seekers prefer an application process that provides a seamless experience and adapts to their devices. Leading recruiters are now catching on to the trend and are investing in a simplified application process suited to mobile devices.

Mobile recruitment is fast becoming an integral part of the hiring process where companies like stay up to date with mobile recruitment trends through a simple online application process. South Africans are doing millions of searches for jobs on their mobile devices. About 3 in applicants are likely to use their smart phone or mobile, in addition a good looking site keeps users engaged and keen to stay on the site and explore what the site has to offer.

The mobile user also has a limited patience for countless pages in applying for a single job or too many little boxes to fill out. The fact is, the less you ask of an applicant; the more reception you get as a recruiter; this means that the sign up process should be able to highlight skills, qualifications and experience in a concise manner. The most sought-after talent is often too busy to go through a complex application processes so a simplified website profits recruiters with quality candidates.

The same simplicity rules that apply to candidates, apply to recruiters; recruiters that sign up with Zigo often commend its usability and the quality of candidates signed to the site. The site is essentially a South African job aggregator that works in conjunction with leading job portals, Executive Placements and Job Placements amongst others. Because some recruiters have to constantly be on the move, their end of a job portal or aggregator site has to be optimised to mobile devices, look good and work seamlessly.

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