Some Tranquil Hill Shopping In Shimla: The Best Hives

Surrounded by snow-capped Himalayan peaks and green fields, Shimla has an extent of flabbergasting markets and places to visit for shopaholics. From the local’s favourite Lakkar Bazaar to the ever prominent Mall Road, Shimla has something for every kind of voyager. Whether you want to add to your winter stock or buy souvenirs for your family and friends, there are some spots you should shop at while in Shimla. Simply remember to bargain hard before buying anything, else you’ll lose the entire shopping amusement!

Amid the top summer months of May-June, and the top winter months of December to February, Shimla sees a surge of vacationers, particularly from Delhi, Haryana and Punjab. So it’s generally better to search for the best Shimla packages from Delhi or whichever city you are going from, no less than two months ahead of time to complete the bookings effortlessly. We suggest you to take a Delhi to Shimla taxi or drive your own car up there to make the most out of your road trip to the city. Once in Shimla, visit these shopping center points of this city.

The Mall Road

In Shimla, the Mall Road lies at the heart of all the action and activity. Buzzing with shops, cafes, theaters, restaurants and a whole pack of happiness, it is close to all spots of interest. The diners here offer a broad assortment of foods, and the Gaiety Theater is the spot to go for social activities in Shimla. Connecting from Barnes Court in the east to the Viceregal Lodge in the west, this is the spot to go when you’re planning to be entertained.

Tibetan Market

This market is located on Shimla’s hill slopes and is the perfect destination for the people who treasure a flea setup for shopping. Woolen pieces of clothing, Tibetan mats and covers, padded coats, scarves, sweaters and furthermore, quality Tibetan embellishments like boots, bags, shoes and jewels are found in its bylanes. If you wander further into the tumultuous ways, you’ll furthermore discover boggling collectibles and knickknacks. Found right underneath the Ridge, the market is the favourite destination for voyagers wanting to shop at cheap prices.

Lower Bazaar

As the name proposes, this market lies right beneath the Mall Road, and starts from the bus stand in Shimla. It includes boundless roads joining into each other, with shops offering everything from wooden things, walking sticks, winter articles of clothing to cell phones and vegetables. Although a little less crowded and happening than its upper partner, the Lower Bazar holds an old world appeal and is a splendid spot to get your hands on some daily household items.

Lakkar Bazaar

A trip to Shimla is incomplete without a stroll around the maze like back lanes of Lakkar Bazaar. Arranged on a narrow street flanking the Ridge, the bazaar is famous for wooden adornments and knickknacks. An expansive number of shops offer a broad assortment of pashmina shawls, woolens and handmade works and the bazaar is especially famous for its Kullu shawls.


For a quintessence of delectable candies and jams, head to Minocha Industries’ manufacturing outlet located in the town of Shoghi. Minchy’s, their USP of dealing in fruit based candies and jams, are a renowned blessing to reclaim home from Shimla. This collection is induced with a rich combination of ingredients and flavours.

So if you’re looking for hotels or cottages in Shimla, and are going to the city for the first time, then make sure you choose one which is close proximity to the aforementioned spots in the city to keep you entertained and never in a dearth of shopping options. Have a wonderful time!

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