Some Amazing Tips To Perform Live Streaming Of Your Next Big Event

Webcasting is one of the major platforms for communications, especially for investor relations (IR) professionals. It is considered to be the easiest, trusted, and economical way to broadcast updates and announcements to target audiences all across the globe.

Webcasting is very beneficial for investor conferences, video earnings calls, analyst days, fund updates, SEC filings, shareholder meetings, company announcements, press conferences, executive presentations, and product launches. These services can be easily customized, managed, and viewed on a laptop, computer, or a mobile device via a single URL.

In this article, we will learn about some important tips that will help in performing live streaming, efficiently.

Check the Bandwidth Requirement

You need to check and confirm how much bandwidth is required for the live streaming of the event. With the improvement in technology, this process has become very simple. The bandwidth you select would determine the quality of the webcast network. Thus it is essential to talk to the IT professionals to state the bandwidth requirements to achieve effective broadcast of the event. Live webcast services once published can be viewed by users on demand basis.

Perform a Demo Run of the Event

Before conducting your event in front of the live audience, it is advisable to test it once at the venue in the presence of the team members. This will ensure that the event is getting conducted in the way you wanted it to be. Configure and test all the necessary equipment such as lights, camera, microphone, etc. to know whether they are performing perfectly or not. Webcast services get automatically published upon completion of the live event.

Time your Event as per your Audience Requirement

You need to determine where you would find the majority of the audience in the world to participate in this event. As per the location, you are advised to time the webcast at varying time zones.

Besides, make effective provisions for recording of your live events, so that people can benefit by it as per their convenience and provides you maximum return on investment (ROI). You can use the on-demand link for the registration of the event too. This will enable maximum people to attend the live broadcast of your event.

Provide Mobile-friendly Content

Make the content of your event in such a way that it is compatible with the audience you are targeting. The content when easy to comprehend and understand can help you make the best out of your event. Ensure that the content helps you get maximum user engagement via laptop, smartphones, and tablets.

Talkpoint is the leading company offering premium quality and costs effective live webcast services. These services allow IR professionals to provide important corporate data to analysts, shareholders, and potential investors all over the world.

Live streaming of your company event is an affordable way to expand the audience reach, increase engagement with them, and improve the overall ROI of the event you are conducting. By using these tips, you would surely make your event a success.