Six tips for choosing the best orthopedic surgeon

The bones are the main part of the human body as far as the structure is concerned. There are some events when the bones are broken which can be due to a disease or an accident or even a sports injury, and at such stage, only an orthopedic can be the right guide who can help the patient. At the moment when one needs to see an orthopedic, he expects right diagnosis and treatment that can help him relieve the pain. When you finally decide to see the orthopedic surgeon, it can be both a relief and cause of little anxiety as well. It is most likely that the primary care doctor might have advised you to see an orthopedic surgeon. But, here the question that arises is how to find the best orthopedic surgeon who can offer the right kind of treatment.

Here’s a look at the important factors to keep in mind for choosing the best knee surgeon in India:

  1. Get referrals

The primary task while finding the right orthopedic is to get a list of referrals from the primary care doctor. Some good resources for the recommendations are friends, family, colleagues, and other healthcare professionals. Take some time out to research about the doctor’s credentials and experience as it will help in zeroing in on the list. Now, you can call and make appointments and have a discussion with each surgeon before finalizing on the one.

  1. Research orthopedic surgeon’s credentials

The certification from the board is an important factor when considering a surgeon. The certification reflects that the doctor has the necessary training, experience, and skills to provide required orthopedic care. Also, ensure the surgeon has no record of malpractices.

  1. Orthopedic surgeon’s experience

When it comes to specialized medical care for complex orthopedic problems, it is said that the more experience a doctor has, the better are your results. Ask how many patients the surgeon has treated, especially patients with your condition. If there is a need for a specific procedure, see if the doctor has performed that before. Also, try to find out the success rate of the surgeries performed by the surgeon.

  1. Consider gender

With the passage of time, the orthopedic treatment programs specific to each gender are becoming more and more common. Ask the surgeon about their recent experience and training in treating conditions related to your gender. Doctors are becoming aware of the anatomical gender and attitude differences in treating orthopedic patients. Thus, orthopedics specific for each gender have become common.

  1. Research quality of the hospital

The hospital at which your doctor works is going to be the hospital for your treatment thus, ensure the quality of services in the hospital. The quality of services and facilities matter because it leads to fewer complications and has better rates for survival.

  1. Evaluate communication style

Choose an orthopedic surgeon with whom you feel comfortable while talking as you need to communicate your fears and queries with your surgeon to be confident about the surgery.

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