Signs It Might Be Time For A Roof Replacement

Signs It Might Be Time For A Roof Replacement

There’s no doubt about ita home’s roof is one of the most important components of the entire structure. Not only can it increase your home’s total value, but it is also responsible for protecting vital areas of the home’s interior, such as your walls. Consequently, it is no secret that keeping up on its maintenance is vital for the protection of your entire home. However, some issues may be so severe that a total roof replacement may be necessary. Read on to learn a few of the signs that it may be time for a roof replacement.

Missing Shingles

Perhaps the most obvious sign to a homeowner that a roof replacement needs to happen is if there are many missing roof shingles. Although shingles will often break or chip during strong thunderstorms, a large number of them damaged or missing can be a sign of a much larger problem. In this case, a roof replacement is the best route to take in order to prevent further damage from occurring.

Interior Wall Damage

If you are beginning to notice that your walls become wet or smell strange after a thunderstorm, this can mean that your roof is not doing its job. In this case, your roof’s materials may be extremely worn out, and you may also have an issue with your gutters that are supposed to lead the water away from the home. Ignoring such a serious problem can lead to a much more expensive water damage remediation project where your roof will need to be replaced as well as some of your drywall, insulation, and flooring.

Animal Noises & Nests

Although it’s normal for small birds to create nests on your home’s roof, hearing larger animals walking around it and even storing items within it can mean that your roof has been breached and is in need of repair. Animals such as squirrels, bats, possums, and raccoons will take the opportunity to settle in if they see large enough openings. Thus, bringing in a professional roofer to evaluate the situation and begin replacing your roof is highly encouraged.

Taking on a roofing project, especially if this is your first time, can be quite a daunting and expensive experience. However, there is simply no going around such a necessity, and the faster your roof is replaced, the more confident you will feel about the integrity of your home. Thus, it is highly recommended to seek the services of a roofing contractor to begin the process.