Shampoos Managing The Hair Problems

Shampoos Managing The Hair Problems

Hygiene and Health

It is said by the elder that cleanliness is next to godliness. Clean and clear body will also affects positively in having a clean and clear mind too. It is also very much necessary to maintain proper hygiene each and every day. For that each and every person should bath properly to clean themselves each and every day as apart from good hygiene it also helps in preventing many diseases that mainly affects the skin.  Skin is the largest organ of the body that is present at the outer portion of the body thus interacting with the outer external environment and also maintaining a barrier with the outer external environment and the inner in-vivo environment. So it acts as the protective covering of the body against different bacteria, fungus and the viruses. However skin infection in human’s are very much common. They are of mainly acne, rashes, redness, dandruff, eczema, dermatitis etc. The problems regarding the skin appears on the surface of the skin and therefore are very much visible to all. And thus these imprints can cause bad impressions among other people in a community. Various kinds of medicines are available to cure these problems apart from other homemade techniques however being clean all the way.


Dandruff is one of the most common disorder occurring in men as well as woman. Dandruff causes production of white flake type of substances all over the scalp. These substances causes enormous itching sensation all over the scalp and this irritation also expands from the region to the all over the forehead and also the eyebrows. The problem of dandruff can also give rise to severe acne problems all throughout the face and this problem happens when extreme case of dandruff affects anyone’s scalp. There is redness and swollenness in some particular regions of the face. Dandruff can cause due to severe fungal infection, eczema, dermatitis causing either oily or a very dry skin all throughout the scalp, weakening in the immune system, psoriasis and also due to excessive stress. It is not necessarily a product of dirty air. However this problem of dandruff will increase if the scalp is not properly washed after its advent. There are different ways to remove this problem of dandruff like the natural way as well as different medications. Tea tree solutions are very much used in different moisturizing dandruff shampoo to keep the scalp well and moisturized.

Medicinal Compositions

Medicines are also prescribed by the doctors when the extent of the problem is large. Especially in case of acute fungal infection medicines of different composition like pyrithione, salicyclic acid, ketoconazole etc. are prescribes by the doctors with a specific dose of usage. The doctors also advice to avoid different other hair products like hairspray, hair gel etc.

Effects of the problem

Excessive dandruff problem can lead to a good extent of hair loss further leading to baldness. Acute infection causes loss of all the hair. To treat and recover from this problem one and the only way is the hair transplantation scheme.


Good hygiene can reduce these problems however if it is affected in severity medicines like ketomac shampoo composed of ketoconazole, and also other medicines should be used properly.