Saving The Hawaiian Birds – Conservationists Are The Good Samaritans

Saving The Hawaiian Birds – Conservationists Are The Good Samaritans

What has brought the Hawaiian birds in focus today among conservationists is the alarming rate of its diminishing population that threatens many species of extinction. The conservationists are well aware of the threats that exist to the bird species and are working out ways of saving it from further dangers. It is interesting to learn how this wonderful island that is blessed with unbound natural beauty turned out to be a graveyard for some unique bird species that used to be found only in this place and not anywhere else. It is not that people wanted to happen it that way, but the ways of people have made it happen.  To understand how it has happened, we have to look into the ecological aspects that have been considerably disturbed by humans which have resulted in the slaughtering of birds species by other invasive species.

What are Invasive Species?

Species that do did not originate from Hawai’i are considered as invasive species and includes both animals and plants. By the law of nature, there are some natural rules of existence that bound the native species together and help to maintain a perfect ecological balance of the place. The introduction of other species happens only when humans carry it with them to the place. These species follow a destructive path of existence by preying on the native species. The victims do not know about the ways to protect it from the foreign predators and are soft targets for the invasive species.

The Notable Names

The onslaught of invasive species like cats, rats, sheep, dogs, pigs and other animals on the Hawaiian birds have been the primary cause for the extinction of  some rare birds. Even mosquitoes belong to the gang of invasive species that have found its way to Hawai’i by following the human trail. But of all these animals and insects, cats dominate the list of predators and pose the greatest risks to the bird population. Besides the threat to birds, it poses the danger of spreading diseases that can further disrupt the eco systems.

The Fall Out

All the invasive species, the cat in particular which counts at over 100 million in the U.S. is responsible for killing 2.4 million birds in the country every year. Now you can imagine, what devastating impact all the other animals and insects that have been introduced in Hawai’i can have on the Hawaiian birds that once illuminated this beautiful island. This is a classical example of human indifference to nature that have not only killed birds but also denied them of a safe habitat.

To bring an end to this mindless apathy towards the bird species that have made this island so special to us, several non-governmental conservationist groups are working with the sole purpose of protecting the existing bird species from further extinction.  They have taken up projects of setting up sanctuaries that are safe habitats for birds and encourage breeding so that the population decline is not only prevented but its growth is also ensured.