Rubber Mats For Horse Stable

Rubber mats have been used in horse stables from many years. Rubber mats offer safe and comfortable surroundings so that horses stay there without any trouble. Animals are the lovable creatures who want to be outdoors always. However, when they are brought back home after a long trip, they should be provided with a neat stable that is free or odour or infectious substances, flies or insects. Rubber mats serve as best flooring for the horse stables. When you are forced to keep your horse in the stable, they may get bored and start facing problems in the leg due to lack of movement. The floorings are so hard on them that they have to stand for long hours. Instead of placing them in hard floorings, they should be kept in a stable with soft floorings. This is where, rubber mats come to help. The rubber floorings will give efficient barrier from hard concrete floors. The discomfort experienced by the horses is reduced as the rubber mats give a cushion effect to their legs. If your horses are performance horses, the mats can be of greater benefit. If you have a display in the horse stable, the mats can be selected in such a way that you can protect their hooves. Rubber mats help the maintenance as it helps to remove the manure on a daily basis. This protects the animals from getting infections due to deposition of manure in their legs.

While the rubber mats are more comfortable due to their soft nature. They are also helpful in maintaining a clean surface to live in. The dust, dung and other dirt can be easily wiped off and sanitized to prevent any germ growth. This is very important to maintain the proper health of the rubber mats. The rubber mats are available in half inch thickness and huge sizes. They can be reduced to any size and fit on the floorings. The rubber mats are strong, heavy and durable. They are available in smooth texture and also in rough texture as in chequered or fluted surface. The rubber stall mats can be used to install permanent rubber floorings. These rubber mats can be fit easily with adhesion so they do not rip off and create a dent. Alternatively, you can also make use of rubber flooring that can be removed and cleaned. Fixed or non fixed rubber mats can be used for soft flooring in the horse stable. So, when you make a choice, the next important step here is the installation of matting. The surface on which you place the rubber mat should be plain and flat. Any dent or irregular surface should be cleared off and mat be installed to give a smooth surface. Remove the sand and other hard gravel from the stall area. Then you may place the rubber mats into the stall. The edges may be cut as stated by the manufacturer as this will help you to keep the flooring flat and avoid it from bending.