Richard Gere May Be Headed Towards An Expensive Divorce

The rumors mills have been rife about this Hollywood divorce ever since the news came out in September last year that silver-haired sex symbol Richard Gere and his ex-Bond girl wife Carey Lowell were living in Splitsville. The couple had been together for 18 years, marrying in 2002 after almost seven years of dating.

Everyone was pegging down the amount that Lowell would demand if the matter ever went to court, and now the gossip mongers finally have a figure to talk about. Reportedly, the ‘Pretty Woman’ actor’s estranged wife is asking for well over $100 million before she parts ways for good.

Divorce Settlement May Reach the $100 Million Mark

According to divorce attorneys in Hollywood, the 65 year old actor is worth at least $250 million. Last year alone, the actor made a whopping $82 million. Apart from the money, the actor’s business in Bedford is also under contest and Lowell who is a partner in the Bedford Post Inn would be highly unwilling to let go of the $65 million property without being given a fair share of the money. Then there is the bay-front estate in North Haven which is for sale for a reported $47.5 million.

Sources close to the couple however say that the du has very differing views on how much money Lowell should get in the divorce. Lowell says that since she gave up her career (she was cast in the popular series ‘Law and Order’) for Richard and their 14 year old son Homer, she deserves an equal amount in the wealth that the famous actor has garnered over the years. Lowell’s divorce attorney Robert Cohen is unwilling to discuss exactly how much the former Bond girl is asking for, but he does say that Lowell wishes to have her ‘fair share’ of the marital assets.

Everything is about fair share nowadays despite most people not deserving any of it!

Gere not Happy with Proceedings

That Gere and Lowell do not agree on the definition of the term ‘fair share’ was amply evident when the couple met in court in October for their first hearing. Gere, a Tibetan Buddhist for 40 years and best buddies with the Dalai Lama, was seen sulking in the court room when his wife decided to give him the cold shoulder and greeted his divorce lawyer instead. When he came out of the court, Gere was in no mood for niceties―he even used his umbrella to shoo photographers trying to get close to him.

That is not Officer and Gentlemen like!

This is the third marriage for Lowell, who was earlier hitched to actor and director Griffin Dunne. She has a 24 year old daughter Hannah with Dunne.

Lifestyle differences at the Core of Divorce

The rumors in Hollywood say that the main reason for the split is that the duo have completely different ways of approaching life. While Richard would like nothing more than to live a secluded life in upstate New York and focus on his philanthropic activities, Lowell on the other hand is a more outgoing personality who likes to be in the thick of things. That is one reason by Pitt left Aniston.

Richards’ alleged fling with cook-show host Padma Lakshmi in 2013 obviously did not help matters much.