Review On DVDFab iFoneRestore

Many of the iPhone or iPad users come across the circumstances that some vital data is accidentally deleted by their children while the kids are playing around the devices. To get the deleted data back, they will need to use a piece of software known to people as iOS data recovery software. But where do find such kind of software tools and how to select the one that works for them when choices are many out there becomes a real question.

Today, I would like to recommend one piece of such software application, which is incredibly powerful yet surprisingly easy to use. It comes from a reputed software developer which has many years reputation in this filed and its name is DVDFab iFoneRestore.

Judging by its name, you will immediately sense its inner meaning. iFone is apparently a homophonic term to Apple’s iPhone, and Restore simply indicates its capability to get the lost data back again. That said, never judge a book by its cover! Let’s check out what DVDFab iFoneRestore can actually help you fix your data missing problem.

What kind of data can be restored with iFoneRestore? As a powerful iOS data recovery application, DVDFab iFoneRestore feeds on its core features and functionalities. In general, it does its job in three different ways, which allow users to get the missing data back by scanning the iOS devices directly, by retrieving the deleted data from iTunes backup file, or by restoring the lost items from iCloud backup file.

To be more specific, if you want to scan your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch directly, you can get the following data back, which are Contacts, Messages, Call History, Notes, Calendar Items, Reminders, WhatsApp and Safari Bookmarks; if you decide to retrieve your data from a previous iTunes or iCloud backup file, you can get up to 12 types of data back, including Camera Roll, Photo Stream, Contacts, Messages, Message Attachments, Call History, Calendar, Reminders, Notes, Voice Memos, WhatsApp and Safari Bookmarks. And no matter which way you choose, you can transfer the lost Contacts and Notes back to your iOS devices straight forward.

You may wonder that via iTunes or iCloud backup file, one can already get the lost data back, why is there still the need for an iOS data recovery tool? Well this is a good question. The killing feature of DVDFab iFoneRestore is that it allows users to preview and edit the to-be-retrieved data before they actually trigger the restoring process, and it allows them to selectively retrieve what they need only, leaving the unwanted data untouched. These two points are what exactly not iTunes or iCloud is able to offer.

After having a comprehensive understanding of what DVDFab iFoneRestore is capable of, let’s move on to see if there are additional requirements as far as operating systems and hardware configurations are concerned. DVDFab iFoneRestore is a neat and handy iOS data recovery tool, it does not demand too advanced system configs in order to be fully operative. As long as your Mac carries OS X 10.6 or later, you can be the boss. And it is able to get the lost data back for any model from the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch lines. So, there should be zero concern left.

If you want get your hands on this robust iPhone, iPad and iPod touch data recovery tool, help yourself find it here at The price is also a lure, which sells at $50 only for lifetime license that covers all the future updates and technical assistance.