Reseller Hosting Secrets – You Always Wanted To Know!

Reseller Hosting Secrets – You Always Wanted To Know!

Just like every business, best reseller hosting plans also have best kept secrets. These secrets are not known to everyone but a handful few. With this niche blossoming, the need for people to know about these secrets have increased manifold. Let’s find out what’s in store –

How did it All Start?

Reseller hosting has flourished on the intention of starters and small businesses to enlarge customer base for making more money. In fact, this is not only a separate issue but a generalised one.

Best Reseller Web Hosting Plans – How do they Work?

A reseller is not the main vendor of hosting service. Resellers are customers who buy hosting solutions from normal web hosts and then resell them to other users. Whether it is the equipment needed for hosting, personnel or even the support provided, everything is provided by the main hosting company and not the reseller. However, this doesn’t mean the reseller doesn’t have any work. Their works generally revolve around various superficial but important workssuch as advertising, marketing, billing, signing up, and sometimes technical support (if the reseller so chooses).

When it comes to pricing, it must be said that the prices set by individual resellers are independent of the main hosting vendors. In fact, the resellers included their own profit margin over the vendor price. This shows how much money can be made through reselling business without having any significant investment in the business. Whether it is regarding signing-up, setting up, renewing, domain registration, or even add-ons, prices of resellers are independent.

Which section of people usually come up with successful and best reseller hosting plans?

It has been seen over a significant period of time, especially since the inception of reseller hosting concept, that the most successful resellers come from the below mentioned category of people

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Web designer
  • Web developers
  • Domain registrars
  • Work from home moms, and many others

Which party wins in Reseller Hosting?

It is a win-win situation for all. In fact, both the hosting service providers as well as resellers win. It is more like comparative advantage aspects of geeks and marketers. Geeks are the ones who set up servers and are more interested in server technicalities. However, they are not usually marketing guys (not everyone is Steve Jobs or Bill Gates). Until and unless you market successfully, there is no scope for expansion of business, no matter how good you are in your service, support or pricing. This is where resellers come into play. They have more time and scope for advertising and marketing. Here’s where comparative advantage aspect comes into existence. The geeks concentrate in dealing with technical aspects of servers, the resellers help to expand the business by bringing more business for the original vendor, purely from their own profit motive. That’s why everyone wins in a reseller model. In fact, the customer is the greatest gainer because of the inherent benefits of the reseller plan.

Now, you know at least some of the best kept secrets of best reseller hosting plans and services.