Require Fiber In Your Body? Eat These Foods

Many people suffer with low protein and fiber contents in their body, each person requires some amount of fiber made proteins and fiber parts in their body, which will help them stay healthy and helps the younger people to grow more. Fiber also helps people to control their sugar levels, heart health, reduces the chances of heart strokes and skin benefits. Other than these many other benefits gained for us by consuming the fiber rich foods, for some people who are having digestion problems are always suggested by doctors to eat more fiber-based foods, which helps to increase digestive capacity. Therefore, here is a list of top rich source fiber foods which will supply you plenty of fiber particles inside your body.


One of the best sources for high amounts of fiber intakes into your body is to consume Bran (corn) which are high sources of Fiber contents. This fiber may look high amount in physical appearance, but when you consume them, it makes feel lighter and provides a good amount of intake fiber. Oat fiber materials are very lightweight and easy digestible food materials. It helps in lowering the cholesterol levels and sugar levels in your body.


Beans are other rich sources of fiber, there are many types of beans available for us in the market, and however any bean family can help you to get some fiber proteins inside your body. These foods also contain lysine, vitamins and other minerals, some people feel heavy gastric trouble with these bean consumption, it better to intake few portions of food at certain period of intervals. It creates a sequential digestion process inside the intestines.


These are very good fruit type fiber suppliers, which are most likely, consume and help us gain some fiber amounts in our body. Nature helps us by giving so many fibers rich sources, one of the biggest and widely available family of fiber-sourced foods are berries. These also contain anti-oxidants, vitamin C and energy provided proteins. These help us to reduce the chances of different cancers.


These are one more vegetable type fiber providers, this vegetable is expensive some areas so only few people can able to buy them. Fresh peas are naturally taste sweet and delicious, so no need of cooking, you can eat them directly. These widely available around the world, it most nutritious like beans and rich in providing Phyto nutrients, minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants. Fresh peas help to boost our digestive system by supplying folic acids.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Even though many people do not know about the benefits of these green leafy vegetables they make sure that they consume these foods twice or thrice in a week. This makes them stay younger and fresher, these supply heavy fiber particles which make your intestine healthy and you feel no trouble while digesting these foods. These green leafy vegetables are very rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin B and proteins.