Relation Between Fear And Insurance

It is clear that all insurance policies are based largely on fear. We could have fear that someone falls at our home and he sues ys. We may fear that our overall health conditions take an unfortunate turn and we need medical care. It is a natural thing that people want to maintain their wealth and health. In this case, we are able to maintain our lifestyle by having proper insurance policies.

When people purchase insurance policies, they are actually doing things logically. Insurance policy is a representation of our rational brain that wants to lessen the factor of fear in our lives. By allocating some amount of money, risks can be lessened in our lives. Bad things could happen and insurance policies are able to allow us to recover much more easily.

Our conscious mind is able to judge the present based on analytical perspectives. However, the subconscious mind represents our comfort in present lifestyle. Fear could arise when we think that something bad can happen and things could change in our lives. It is acceptable if we are fearful of negative things that could happen in our lives. We shouldn’t just accept whatever happens to us, as if nothing bad will happen.

Many people regret their decision of not purchasing adequate insurance protection. If our house is burned down, this could be the end of our overall lifestyle. It would require a lot of money just to rebuild the house. On the other hand, we would still be required to pay for the mortgage, even if our house is gone. In this situation, a good financial coverage is needed; not only for rebuilding the house, but also for covering a portion of the mortgage repayment.

Instead of refusing to accept things that may happen, we should be fully prepared for the possible outcomes. This action can be driven by fear, but fear can actually be a positive force that encourages us to be fully prepared for possible negative outcomes. Other than purchasing insurance policies, we could also do things that can help us to improve the condition of our house.

As an example, we could choose to build a house from flammable materials and with flexible, quake-proof structure. However, our house could still be affected by flood and tornado. It means that we need to make sure that our house is fully protected against any kind of bad occurrence. When we purchase insurance, our fear is eliminated and we have a better peace of mind.

Insurance policies are often dictated by the provider. Choosing the type of insurance could be a matter of choice. However, we should make sure that we choose the type insurance policy that can provide us with the biggest amount of protection. Without insurance policy, we would only surrender to fear and it’s not a sensible thing to do.

Even if we have limited budget, it is a good thing to have barebones insurance coverage, instead of nothing at all. Insurance policy should be able to maintain the desired status quo in our lives and this is a good enough reason why we should have enough coverage.