Racing Culture In UAE: Camel, Horse, Car and Yachts Racing

You can find everything for sport in Dubai – sportsmen, visitors, supporters, extreme lovers. The racing route starts every January, 24. This car race gathers together drivers, newcomers and experienced drivers, to ride transport vehicles you like, including motor cars, road trackers, GT3-cars that are specially constructed and upgraded for racing.

Dubai marathon is held every January. This is foot racing when the thousands of runners run from one point to another to win 200 000 USD. There is a bonus for champions in form of 1 million USD. This fact makes Dubai marathon one of the richest competitions in the world history.

It is time for the next biggest competition – Dubai Tour. It lasts for 4 days for the distance of 417 kilometers. This is one of many bicycle competitions that take place in Dubai. There are 4 separate racing distances. Each of them is situated in different city regions to be the most exciting city excursion tour.

Dubai likes horse racing. There is nothing better than Dubai World Cup that takes part every year in March. The entry is 29,25 million USD for 9 runs. The competition takes place in the world famous race track Meydan. Dubai Duty Free and Dubai Sheema Classic are similar in contest. The winning price is 6 million USD.

Looking for something special, pay attention to Al Gaffal racing that takes place every May. You can keep watch over the racing track from the bank of the river. Look! The hundreds of beautiful yachts compete in their speed for a long distance.

There is something special that you have to see in UAE. What about camel racing? You should hire a car in Dubai and go to see Al Lisaili and Al Marmoum. Do you know that camels run 55 km per hour? You can see about 60 running camels in the clouds of sand and dust.

Dubai Camel Race Track

Camel racing is very popular and interesting performance in UAE. You can meet a lot of experienced racers to represent their camels for race. Try to talk to camels and their owners. You know, there are many people, who watch racing from their cars that keep going to follow the camels. This is your chance to touch animals and take some photos before racing.

As a rule, camel racing run for 10 or even 42 kilometers. It is interesting but young animals run for 3-6 kilometers, no longer. The camels accelerate to a speed of 65 kilometers per hour for short distance and 40 kilometers per hour for long distance. They run fast for an hour or even more! There is one more thing. When the race is finished, the animals must be tested to prevent doping. What is the difference between camel and horse race? Just male jockeys have right to participate racing. They must be young and light weight to make camels to run faster.

Al Marmoom Racetrack

You can enjoy the view of sandy dunes to see the most impressive event in UAE – camel racing on the platform of Al Marmoom Racetrack. You can become the part of a great event, attraction that is an important part of UAE sport life. Of course, camel racing is a modern sport with rich history. There are many innovations in camel racing now. For example, it is used robots to drive camels instead of jockeys. It is amazing but you can drive your camel from your car by means of computer. There is also special signal to make camels run faster.

The money prize for winners is thousands of Dhs. Actually, camel racing is space for interesting events, prizes, like luxury cars and road trackers. As far as the gates are opened and the race starts, you will watch this amazing competition from top to bottom. Just imaging: there is a race of 60 camels and big jeeps that will follow animals to make them move faster. The boost of your mind is guaranteed. There is one detail to consider: it is better to take binocular with you for not to miss a detail. It is an interesting fact, but camel racing is not only exciting view in UAE but profitable business.

The camels for race must be carefully selected. The race camels must be specially grown in good conditions. The most of animals are fast runners. They cost millions of dollars. As a rule, 15-70 racers take part in the competitions. In short, this is the new Dubai attraction for tourists and local celebrities.

Meydan Racecourse

Never forget to visit one of the most prestigious horse racing competitions – Dubai International Cup. It usually takes place in Meydan Racecourse. So, this is your chance to get good memories and exciting impressions. The competition takes place every March to be a good platform for 9 rides that are 2000 meters long. You know, it is not necessary to be the fan of horse racing or horse lover. You may start from the substantial breakfast in Meydan Hotel. Then, it is time to visit the main tribune, jockeys’ cloakroom and riding stables where you can meet horses and their coaches.

The excursion is available every day during the racing period. The time and price you can learn from the website.

Do you want to try something special to eat on the period of racing? Try camel meat! You should go to the Local House Cafe that is located in the historical city region Al Fahidi District. This is the first cafe in the city. If you have no desire to eat camels, you can try milk cocktails made of camel milk. It is full of vitamins and life important elements. No fats and no cholesterol! The next interesting Arabian cafe The Majlis from the Dubai Mall offers to try ice cream and chocolate made of camel milk. Never miss to visit Switch to try camel meat with potato and mushroom sauce. This is a good end of your Dubai visit!