Questions and Facts Related To Solar Panel System

Going solar is not just great for savings, but also for the community and future generation. It is the most responsible choice to make. You may be in some doubt about the different aspects related to solar PV system, then read further for clarification. If you desire to find out, if your house is solar eligible then click here.

Questions related to working of solar panels

Is there a difference in solar electric system or solar thermal power system?

Solar electric system makes use of PV to convert sunlight into electricity whereas solar thermal systems utilize sun’s radiation to heat water.

How big is solar PV system?

The systems differ in size, but commonly used residential panel array equals to 4 KW that is around 288 sq feet.

How much electricity is generated from the roof?

In general, a 4 KW system generates 5,200 kilowatt hours/year. A 255 watt panel produces power that can supply electricity for one hour daily to 84 compact fluorescent bulbs. Orientation of the array and shading will certainly affect the generation. Each area and system provides different level of solar energy.

How can you recognize the ideal roof location for solar panel installation?

An unhindered view in the south is ideal. You can even have professional solar panel installers to survey your location and advice accurately, the best design of solar electric system.

What is panel efficiency?

Panel efficiency is a sales strategy, which misleads. Efficiency plays no part in generating more power. It just represents the physical size as well as price module. For example, comparing a 200-Watt solar panel with 15% efficiency to 200-Watt solar panel with 20% efficiency means both the panels generate 200-Watt but the efficient module is small. If space is not a problem then installation of less efficient panel assortment may increase your ROI.

Queries about installation or design

How is the panel array fixed on the roof?

Industry approved fasteners are used for particular roof type to attach the system to the roof.

What is the weight of a typical system?

Usual weight of the system is approximately 4-5 pounds/sq feet.

Does the solar electric system need maintenance?

Solar electric system has no part in motion, so there is no break down issues due to wear and tear. It requires little maintenance like cleaning the leaves annually or clearing the snow accumulation. This little maintenance can maintain the system’s performance.

Are batteries needed?

Most of the systems do not use batteries but are grid-tied. When PV system is unable to generate power (in rain or cloudy weather) the grid supplies uninterrupted power supply.

Is solar PV system a DIY task?

Homeowners are not allowed to install it personally, due to certain state rebate rules, which equates to 10% to 50% of systems total cost.

Facts about financial benefits

How much is the cost of solar panel?

Size of the residential solar system is about $3 to $4/ installed Watt.

How much do you benefit from rebates and tax credits?

Currently, federal tax credit, incentives, and rebates account for more than 30% but can differ from state to state.

What is the solar panel warranty?

Production warranty is 25 years on the panels, 10 years on inverters, and 10 years on installation labor.