Pro Guide for Backlinks Strategy in 2021

Guide for Backlinks Strategy

If you want to think of ranking your site on the very first page of google, you should master the tactics used by the SEO experts. Search Engine Optimization, however, is not something that remains static throughout and every single day google is tweaking and changing its algorithm. These tweaks are carried out to provide the best user experience for the people who use Google for their day to day work and help them find the relevant content that they are searching for.

However, just having relevant content is not enough for your site to reach the first page on google and you will have to use effective strategies that will help you in achieving that. There are many SEO tactics used by SEO experts on websites like On-page SEO, Off-Page SEO, and Link Building or backlinks.

One of these tactics which we call link building or backlinks is very important for SEO. Link building is basically a link that sends a user of a site to your own site where you have relevant content present on the relevant topics. For example, if someone is creating a blog post on getting car insurance then linking to Geico’s website for their quotes can become a high-quality backlink for Geico. It is generally a vote of confidence for your site that someone else is citing your site as a relevant source and hence it shows google that people need to visit that website for quality work. Now how does one create some high-quality backlinks? Is there a lot of work involved? There are a number of digital agency in Karachi offering services of backlinks strategy.

Where to get high-quality backlinks?

 Well, the very first question we need to answer is where should one go and get high quality backlinks for their site. Is any site worth it or should you be picking and choosing the sites where you are getting your backlinks. The answer to that question is Yes, you should be very selective about where you are getting your backlinks from. This is very important if you want to have any chance of getting high quality backlinks that are going to get you some high rankings. You will have to check the authority of the site for that. The authority of the site basically refers to how relevant that site is and how popular it is. There is a huge difference between getting your backlink from a site like Al Jazeera to a no name blog. Hence the higher authority backlink will give you a significant boost in your ranking.

Difference between NoFollow and Dofollow

There is also a good difference between both these links and it is important to know about these if you want to do proper SEO. You can very easily go and spam links in the comment section of a high authority site thinking you are about to get a high quality backlink however that is not the case.

A Nofollow backlink tells the Search Engine that this link is not endorsed by the site and hence there is no effect on the SEO for whoever goes and spams their link in the comment sections. Dofollow however are endorsed by the site and hence can become a vote of confidence for your site.

Guest Posting

 Guest posting basically refers to contributing content on someone else’s site in exchange for a high quality backlink. This becomes a win-win situation for both the parties as one gets some free content while the other gets some high quality backlinks. However you should know that these do not work and can be flagged as spam if the content is paid for by the writer or the content is not relevant to the site. This can instead hurt the ranking of your site and you should only do guest posts for people or get guest posts only if they are relevant to your niche. A game review website has no business with a car insurance article. Hence you should know that.

Link Co-occurrence

Link co-occurrences basically tries to make sense of your site to google on what it is about. There is not a lot of science behind it and getting these will let google index your site well.


To summarize backlinking or link building is important if you want to show google that you are a credible site for the niche you are in. You can use guest posts to give or receive a high quality backlink in exchange for high quality content relative to your niche. However, you should get a backlink from a high authority site. Get a dofollow backlink for getting your site endorsed.