Presentation Is Key When It Comes To Wedding Catering

Weddings are a big part of our lives. The décor associated with most weddings make them events to look forward to and to admire. Wedding catering greatly contributes to the wedding presentation.  How well every aspect of the wedding blends into the wedding is a big deal and goes a long way in ensuring that your event is a success.

As with all events, the presentation is everything. With the right menu and delicious food, there’s nothing like a good presentation to lure your guests into sampling what you have to offer.  To begin, the presentation should match up to the theme of your event.  If you opt for a black-tie event, the presentation should complement the theme of your event. The presentation should cater to the bride and groom’s taste, the season favorites and finally to the specialty of the caterer, to bring about that wow effect.

On the food, there are many ways to spruce up your presentation.  From the plating, to the cut of the food for example when dealing with fruits, to how the starters and appetizers are served, the presentation will leave your guests yearning for more.  Skewers pierced through sticks with salt and pepper sprinkled on them will have your guests easily reaching out for them.  This is because they can be easily picked up without having to worry about cutlery or taking off one’s gloves.  The seasoning, dressing and garnishing of the food also play into the final presentation.  Using different seasonal spices, colorful and tangy dressings will definitely increase the appetite of your guests.  After all, before eating with our mouths, our eyes “devour” what is presented to us first.  There’s nothing like eye candy to whet your taste buds.

To spruce up your wedding, you can use fresh fruits and vegetables and many catering companies put this tip to use.  Having them carved out into literally any shape ranging from different animals to boats, to beautifully shaped caricatures and any other imaginable shape brings an air of flamboyance to any given ceremony, more so weddings.  Can you imagine having tables with carved peacocks as centrepieces?  It is simply breathtaking.

Another key aspect of the presentation is with regards to the cake.  The cake offers an infinite amount of creativity waiting to be explored.  Most catering companies choose to have the cake as the centrepiece of any given event.  Depending on the client, caterers will play around with different cake shapes, flavors and color schemes to make the wedding an event to remember.  The presentation of the cake can take the form of fountains, musical instruments, cartoons and anything else the bride and groom choose.  This communicates the personalities of the couple getting married and guests almost, always relate positively to this aspect of the presentation of the bride and groom.

Above all, nothing screams presentation as much as the wedding décor.  Depending on the theme of the wedding, one can do a lot to catch the eye of your guests and leave a lingering memory of the event that was. From the table arrangements, seat arrangement, flower presentation, drapes, cutlery, crockery and utensil presentation, the options are endless.  One can use unique chinaware or even specific colors on the utensils of choice to bring that wow effect.  Lighting also plays into the presentation of the event.  Different lighting effects can contribute to the energy and mood of the event for the hosts.  There is nothing that beats visual effects in contributing to the presentation in a wedding.

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