Possible Punishments Given To Law Offenders In Case Of Drunk Driving

People, of age 21 and above, are arrested by law on the basis of drunk driving, when the officials of law enforcement conclude that their BACs were 0.08 or more, while driving their vehicles. Although the penalties or punishments for offenses related to drunk driving differ from state to state, 0.08 is the standard BAC limit adopted by each and every state to punish the people for different law offenses such as DUI, OUI and DWI.

First DUI Violation

A person, who commits their first ever DUI violation, will get their license suspended for a certain period of time. Nevertheless, there are some states where you can request the DMV for a hearing after you get arrested, so that automatic suspension of your license is prevented. Your hearing date takes about 1-2 weeks to set after your arrest and you must avoid losing it in order to avoid license deferral.

Other punishments for DUI offenders include mandatory jail period, fines and community services. You would also be asked to attend a DUI institution and/or an authorized program for alcohol treatment. Here, you have to take counselling on DUI offenses from a professional therapist in the form of assessment interviews, so that your educational path is suitably decided. You have to complete the whole program before the reinstatement your license.

Your counselor will ask you to attend meeting with other DUI offenders, so that you all can share your experience with each other and identify the consequences associated with drunk driving. In few states, the installation of ignition interlock system will be entailed in your automobile, so that it can know if your BAC stands higher than 0.08. If yes, then your vehicle will be refrained from getting started.

Multiple DUI Violation

People, who commit multiple DUI violation acts, get punishments under the category of “habitual violators”. Several states have adopted this form of punishment and it’s really harsh in nature. Your license will get suspended for weeks, months or years, and there is also a strong possibility that your license will get suspended forever.

Your vehicle might get confiscated and the punishment of a certain mandatary jail period will also be imposed on you.

The jail sentences vary in from one state to another, and their time periods are in the form of days, weeks, months or years, depending upon the severity of the offense. In multiple DUI offenses or in case of a serious aggravation, the number of these sentences increase and their locations can be anyplace in the state.

Your professional psychotherapist will ask you to attend compulsory AA meetings and recommend a program for residential treatment if your alcohol problem is really austere. Your civil rights might also get taken away from you in case of repeat offenses.

If you want to avoid the punishments for your DUI violation, you must contact a professional and qualified San Diego DUI attorney as soon as possible. He/she will help you with the case by comprehending the charges made against you efficiently. He/she will provide solutions to you and present you with the most suitable options for your case, while representing you in front of the court.