People With Autism: Making Their Voices Heard!

People With Autism: Making Their Voices Heard!

As per the research conducted by UK based disability charity Sense, around 23% of disabled people feel lonely on most days. The percentage can be much higher for people having autism and other mental disabilities.

People with disabilities face loneliness and social isolation. The situation can be much worse in developing countries where children and adults don’t have any access to special needs services. Even in developed countries, many adults don’t enjoy a continued access to special needs services that are available to children.

Each one of us has a need to be understood and the people diagnosed with autism and physical disabilities are no exception! People with autism find it difficult to express themselves. They experience feelings of worthlessness and their voices often go unnoticed. People diagnosed with autism need a platform where they can share their stories and experiences. With its new campaign ‘Dream On’, Transformify  is aiming to provide  such platform to them.

Transformify is a CSR platform which connects socially responsible businesses with people with disabilities, autism  or who’re otherwise in a disadvantageous position when it comes to finding work. Dream On is a campaign that will allow people with disabilities to express themselves clearly. Anyone who’s suffering from a disability, has been diagnosed with autism or faces challenges finding a job can share her/his life experiences and make his/her voice heard.

They can create videos or write articles and submit them on the official website of Transformify. Right from sharing their problems to telling the world about their dream jobs and aspirations, Dream On provides an opportunity to express their feelings and desires. This will not just raise more awareness about the challenges they face, but will also make it possible for people in a disadvantaged position to share their concerns and dreams. The person who submits the most inspiring video or article will also receive a prize.

Many business organizations have come forward to support this initiative launched by Transformify. Taking into account the isolation, irrational stigma, lack of employment and other problems faced by people with autism and physical disabilities, more such initiatives are required in our society.

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