Osteopathy – The Way Of Detecting, Treating and Preventing Health Problems

Osteopathy is the process of detecting, treating and preventing health issues by stretching, moving and massaging the joints and muscles of the person. This treatment, called osteopathy, is based on the principle which believes that the entire wellbeing of a person depends on his muscles, bones, ligaments and connective tissues tied smoothly together. The osteopaths use stretching, physical manipulation and massage with the goal of increasing the mobility of the joints, improving the blood supply to tissues, relieving muscle tension and allowing the body to heal. What they use is certain techniques and not surgery or drugs.

In the United Kingdom, osteopathy is considered as a complementary or alternative medicine or CAM and is much different from western medicine. Although the osteopaths can use some traditional techniques, the use of osteopathy can always be based on scientific evidence.

Key areas in which an osteopath can help you out

As osteopathy has a kind of holistic nature, it can provide health benefits to most people. Here are some key areas where an osteopath can help you.

  1. It treats pain and injury: Soft tissue pain could involve pain in any particular area like your back, neck or shoulders and this could also mean muscular pain. Osteopathy can be used to treat joint pain like pain in hips or knees. Joint pain which is treated by osteopathy could be a pain which is caused due to some underlying, already existing health condition like arthritis. It can even be used to treat injuries like sprains, whiplash, strains and to boost healings post fracture. Your osteopath will feel the gentle areas and use light movements to realign the structure of your body.
  2. Posture and relaxation: There are many patients who think that the treatment procedures used by the osteopaths to be extremely relaxing. Hence, if you’re going through excessive stress and you’re looking forward to relaxation, you should consider visiting an osteopath as the best form of relief of stress. The osteopath might tell you that it is nothing but poor posture that is becoming the source of all pain. In this way, osteopathy can help in treating problems like bad posture.
  3. Baby and pregnancy: When you’re pregnant, you may see that there’s a change in your entire body’s posture due to the added weight that you’re carrying and due to this change in posture, you could develop pain in your lower joints and back. During such a time, you might visit an osteopath who can advice you with the right posture which can prevent you from developing further pain. Apart from this, there are many mothers who opt for osteopathic treatment for their new born baby who are born with certain problems since birth.

Hence, if you’re going through any of the above mentioned health issues or some other posture-related pain; you can visit an osteopath clinic in Melbourne. Listen to the advice of the osteopath and follow what he says in order to get back to normalcy as soon as possible.